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  • hharbinger hharbinger Feb 8, 1999 8:02 PM Flag

    Just want to share with you my lesson wi

    I bought Citigroup last summer when the financial
    sector seemed to be in big trouble and C lost more than
    half of its year-high value. The stock went even lower
    after my purchase. I was not patient enough so I bailed
    out when it started to bounce back for a mere 50
    cents per share gain. I soon wished that I had waited
    as I would have made over $10 per share
    gain.(despite the fact that Citigroup has yet to fully

    I bought HMA @ 13. Now it also came down.
    I keep reminding myself of my citigroup lesson and
    I am holding on. I am even thinking of buying more.
    I believe in buying sector leaders, particularly
    when their stocks are depressed.

    Be very
    selective when picking stocks then be patient!

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    • I bought Travelers at 46 and it went from 73 to
      28. Doubled up at $31. Same with CSCO when I doubled
      up at $51 (original purchase at $46). I bought HMA
      at $13 a couple of weeks ago and have been waiting
      for Merrill Lynch to publish their revised opinion.
      Doubled up on HMA today at 10 13/16.
      IMHO this stock
      could still get beat-up some more, but a 20% grower and
      a forward P/E of 14, it's worth a little risk and
      then some. If you buy well managed companies and view
      unwarranted drops as opportunities, you'll generally do well.
      Good investing longs!

    • I have made the same investment that you at 13.25 and 12.5......the thing is ....when your
      "bottom fishing" you almost never catch stocks at the
      absolute have to be ready for that
      additional fall....and then when it recovers slightly, not
      be so "greatful" as to take only the chump

      the other issue is "when" will this out of favor
      stock recover....( another unknown )....

      patience is the key here....if you want that immediate
      gradification, you need to take the risk of "momentum
      investing", it all comes down to what you have the stomach

      do yourself a favor.... the next time you get "weak
      knees", shut your computer off for a couple of months'll wake up some morning to find your a bit

      good fortunes to all

    • learn to be a little more patient. Last year I
      bought four stocks and got scared and sold them all
      because of very large drops. I learn some lessons quick
      in the stock market. I bought one stock (NUE) at $50
      per share and finally sold it at $35. I bought NEWZ
      at $9 and sold at $5 per share. Right now, every
      single stock I bought last year is now over what I
      originally paid for them, but I lost money because I
      panicked. The lesson I learned quickly, is that you can't
      make a quick buck in the stock market. The shorts make
      money at times, but they too even get caught with their
      pants down...if they'll admit it. I bought HMA a few
      weeks ago, and plan on staying with them. Why sell now
      when it's soooo low. Just doesn't make any

      Hope all the best of luck...Make some $$$ if you hold

    • I agree 100 percent. I'm an x hma employee. I
      have still owned their stock even after i left. I have
      had my stock for over ten years. I made alot of money
      on them when they went public and then went private
      again in the late 80's...I still buy this stock when i
      have some extra money to spend. It has made me alot of
      money over the years with splits. There for awhile it
      was splitting like clockwork every 8-9 months. They
      are a very sucessful company with a very nice niche
      in the healthcare market. I will continue to stand
      pat on my current stocks and might even purchase
      more(have to sell some of my non-producing stocks
      first)....DON'T SELL THE FARM YET!!!!!!!!!