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  • mjaskilk mjaskilk Apr 1, 1999 4:02 PM Flag


    HMA Malaise - This is my first post to HMA. Your
    post is an outstanding signal. It gives me even more
    confidence that my being long in HMA is the right place to
    be. First, AOL is $150 per share. Their "rent" check
    is only expected to be .34 cents this year. Next
    year it is projected at only .51 cents. HMA's "rent"
    check is projected at .65 this year and .79 next.
    Stocks like HMA which have been beaten down and float
    nowhere for a while have a habit of snapping back. When
    I'm not sure but I know it will. As Peter Lynch
    stated so well as one of his 20 Golden Rules in Beating
    the Street - "Over the past 3 decades the stock
    market has come to be dominated by a herd of
    professional investors. Contrary to popular belief, this makes
    it easier for the amateur investor. You can beat the
    market by ignoring the herd." Well, the 'herd' is in AOL
    right now. Bye Bye and have fun with the herd! I'm
    sticking w/HMA.
    Also - last night's national news had
    a story that both social security and
    medicaid/medicare will be solvent for 7 more years than expected -
    until 2015 I believe is what they said.

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    • Or staple this to HMA MT needs a CEO. As a CEO (ha) You must know how hard it is to find good help. Patience has its' reward.
      Good luck with the addition.

    • Dupontstr and Carmanton..elected joint chairmen of the board for demonstrating consistent good sense

    • AS I Posted 2 months ago here,
      U should
      analyze & research GUT feelings for
      when the earnings
      are on track as they have been, (.01 below est. )
      does not negate the value of the company. The recent
      stock price devaluation is temporary. Management is
      doing their job acquiring future earnings increases as
      the "street" $$ flows elsewhere. Hma will draw their
      attention again, but the stock price rise will be quick &
      decisive and doubters will miss the gain. You have to put
      $$ where your mind is not your heart, logical
      does not come from emotions. The "analysts" take the
      SAFE route & influence the emotional stock price, only
      after the logical value has becomes self evident.
      Roller coasters & elevators are the gravity to stock
      prices, true value is tainted by these forces.
      MYOP, take it ,leave it, profit from

      Optimistic analysis using Est. 5yr. EPS Growth Rate of 26.9
      Price Zones Buy $ 14 to $ 22 Maybe $ 22 to $
      31 Sell $ 31 to $ 39

      Potential Annual Total
      Return 17.1 %
      Potential 5yr. Price appreciation -
      simple 120.2 %

      Relative Value 1.41 Projected
      Relative Value .89
      Upside Downside Ratio (Potential
      Gain vs. Risk of Loss) = 6.1 to 1

      analysis using Est. 5yr. EPS Growth Rate of 20 %
      Zones Buy $ 14 to $ 19 Maybe $ 19 to $ 24 Sell $ 24 to
      $ 29

      Potential Annual Total Return 12 %

      Potential 5yr. Price appreciation - simple 76 %

      Relative Value 1.29 Projected Relative Value .82

      Upside Downside Ratio (Potential Gain vs. Risk of Loss)
      = 6 to 1

    • Lessons Learn. Stick to your gut feelings. Buy
      more on dips sell a little on upticks, but never sell
      the whole thing if there is nothing wrong with the
      fundamentals of the company. The smart money rotate their
      money and health stock is in favor now. You just got to
      know how to play the game.

    • over the years you have to answer only two
      questions.Do you understand the company? Most people don't
      have a clue what they are buying or why. Has the story
      changed? Is their fraud,missed numbers etc.As long as i
      like the story i try to buy when the stock is hated.It
      took me a long time to buy when everyone hates a
      company.But that is where you make your real $$$$. I didn't
      buy wmt at 40 or anywhere up to 100.00.i missed
      it.Retail always scared me.I still think km and wmart are
      the same.I think fund managers are now switching to
      value stocks,whivh if my hunch is right means a big
      broad based rally is coming....

    • Yes, you can assume that someone is buying. But alos note that someone must be selling. The price movement, not the block is the real signal.


    • I am new to this stock although I have watching it for a while.
      Can I assume the block transaction was someone buying?
      Thanks in advance

    • Any chartists out there? Looks like the bull side
      of the W pattern is in. Can someone confirm? Nice
      run up pre-earnings. Who took the position on
      Wednesday and what did they know?

      The lurker.

    • HMA was the first stock I ever bought and I have
      always felt that it had great potential. I have sold
      twice now and I am back on board, and yes, this time
      for the long haul. I just hope the earnings
      annoncement is good. I am now in HMA long for better or for
      worse. I never was worried about the company, just the
      cyclical nature of blue chips versus small and mid caps.
      As for Wal-mart. I recently bought it in the low
      90's. That is one of my better long term blue chips.
      Yea, it will go down 4 and then one day up 4 but in
      the end it is a winner and a leader in its sector.
      WMT will split on Monday and allow all those who
      could not afford the current hight share price a chance
      to come on board.
      I knew that one day I would buy
      back in to HMA. Whether the share price was low or
      high. All of you look at the stats. Enjoy the ride up.
      Good luck HMA longs. And of course. Go Wal-mart.

    • says pretty much the same thing. Rural hospitals less affected...

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