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  • jefferdr jefferdr Apr 15, 1999 9:34 AM Flag

    Merrill Says Great things about HMA tod

    I just checked Bloomberg, and Merrill says that
    HMA looks great. HMA presented at their Health Care
    Conference yesterday, and HMA's CEO said that this quarter
    would be the 42nd consecutive Q with Earnings growth.
    Merrill analysts raised their near-term Price Target to
    18 on HMA, saying that HMA continues to expand,
    execute, and impress.

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    • They made .16 last March so they only need .17 or
      .18 to have "growth." I read the Merrill Report with
      some small sense of forboding because they did not
      apparently say they would make the current First Call
      estimate of .19. Am I wrong about this or am I being
      overly sensitive?

      I'm long 2000 shares that I
      bought recently at 10 3/4 and 11 1/2.

      • 2 Replies to denyoung
      • is now showing .17 rather than the .18 of the last two weeks and .02 under the consensus. Any comments?

      • You might be right. S&P May 10 report on HMA
        suggests top-line will be impacted by lower occupancy
        rates and the dilutive effect of acquisitions. They
        lowered their FY1999 estimate to 0.65 from 0.70 . Set
        against this may be (IMO) the effect of what, hopefully,
        is sector rotation in the overall market which
        appears to be already having some effect on prices. Guess
        what I'm trying to say is that IMO effect of lower
        earnings may be offset by increased buying pressure
        resulting from sector rotation. Overall we have a good
        stock for the long run. HMA may pull something out of
        the hat on 20th, but don't bank on it

    • Think it was found from the index on left hand
      side of their homepage under the heading "search for
      an investment", that was on23rd. I looked today
      (24th) and couldn't locate it,although they do have a
      number of "25best" categories. Wish I could be more
      precise, maybe they changed the list or something
      It really is a good site to visit for good
      quality information,incidentally I have no commercial
      interest in recommending them other than they're yet
      another good source of data.. Good luck

    • From This Article which came After The

      Hospitals to Get 2000 Medicare Raise on Time,
      U.S. Says in Memo

      Bloomberg News
      April 26,
      1999, 1:15 p.m. PT
      Hospitals to Get 2000 Medicare
      Raise on Time, U.S. Says in Memo

      April 26 (Bloomberg) -- Hospitals and nursing
      and home health providers, which had been told
      Medicare pay raises for October would be delayed due to
      the year-
      2000 computer glitch, will get their
      increase on time, the
      Clinton administration

      That's good news for hospital chains such as
      Healthcare Corp. and Tenet Healthcare Corp., as well as
      home companies such as Beverly Enterprises Inc. and
      home health
      companies such as Olsten

      The health insurance program for the elderly accounts
      more than 30 percent of U.S. hospital revenue, about
      10 percent
      of nursing home revenue and 40 percent
      of home health industry

      year, the administration said the pay increases
      be delayed as it prepared Medicare's computers to
      recognize the
      year 2000.

      Not all providers of
      care to the elderly will get their pay
      raises on
      time. Pay increases for doctors and providers
      laboratory testing services and ambulatory surgical care
      will be
      delayed two weeks. They usually get their
      pay raises on Jan. 1,
      but the increases will be
      delayed until Jan. 17, according to a
      memo sent by
      Medicare to the private insurers that process
      for the health insurance program for the elderly. Pay
      will also be delayed for certain medical equipment and
      transfusion medicine

      Hope All Make Lots Of $$$$

    • A sell-off of small blocks has begun in last few
      min. 1,000,
      4,000, and 6,000 shares have been sold
      off. This could be just
      one institution, because
      volume has remained about average. It
      will be
      interesting to see how much HMA recovers in next one
      and a
      half hours.

    • the analysis by the Robertson Stevens analyst
      that came with the investor package was very thorough,
      I'd put it on the "recommended reading" list. The
      analysis was done in mid March. I think their price target
      was 25 by years end. Has anything changed since then
      other than the round trip to 17 and back on the stock
      price? Not that I can see....I have a GTC limit order in
      for another 500 shares at 10.50, should we reach that

    • This is a bulletin board for HMA not a billboard for your crap. I wish all these spamheads would keep the hell away. Isn't there anything that Yahoo! could do?

    • LPNT is the symbol, just started trading today
      nearly 3mill shares! ! ! and it is up $1+ within a
      dollar of HMA!

      Compare the asset, debt and rev
      potential of the two. LPNT is 94% leveraged and they got a
      'buy' rating!!! Also, Frist's son is on the Board. I
      don't think Frist sent his son to a dead end co. Take
      note, T Frist jr. spent two years as a 'special
      assistant' to Richard Rainwater. The balls in play boys!
      heads up!

      Also, I find it most interesting Uwe
      Reinhardt, the noted health care economist is on the
      LifePoint Board!

      Bill, Earl, are you ready?? LQQks
      like the generational torch has been passed to Scott
      Mercy and T jr. Scott's dad was an old HCA guy who died
      at a young age and T. sr. took him under his


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    • ...and on having a party the very next time HMA has an up day.

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