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  • sagequotes sagequotes Sep 23, 2010 11:11 AM Flag

    2010 Earnings Call Comments

    I just listened to Q4 2010 earnings call and was quite impressed. The CEO and CFO seem to have a strong handle on the business. I liked that the CEO appears to really understand the product and how to run a successful organization. For example, he realizes that it takes more than a good product - it requires great distributor leaders and company support.
    I also really liked hearing about their success in Japan and Mexico. It is also helpful that the CEO is fluent in Japanese. Finally, it's cool that they keep finding additional cellular level benefits of Protandim, which increases potential market share.
    Finally, I'm excited to hear that they plan to continue to manage expenses and grow top line revenue and margin, which will result in profitability during 2011. In summary, I think this company will succeed and grow resulting in a dramatic increase in shareholder value. My only concern is the convertible debt - how much will that dilute current shareholders once the decision to convert occurs?

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    • This is BS, I do not wecall any great scucess in mexico be3ing menttioned in fact I I beleive I heard mentioned that Mexico was notr performing as well as excpected. That sounds like flopville. This dude is a true stoogie to have posted that BS. Did any one hear of Profit?? Mainstream advertising?? listen yourslef

    • Excellent summary on the current condition and future potential of the company, but as I have stated before about this management team, they always seem to come up short when it comes to Marketing, Press Releases and Investor Relations. My New Year's wish is that they would spend a little more time in these critical areas of the business. If they did, you would see a significant increase in the stock price.

    • I'm actually encouraged that a private equity frim would invest $5M. These are guys with a lot of experience who invest to make strong returns for wealthy individuals. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to make 4x their money in four years. I'll happily ride that train with them.

    • Could you elaborate on the convertable debt?

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      • In November 2009 Life Vantage raised about $5M in debt from a private placement offering. The group has the option to convert the debt into common shares. Per the September 2010 10k page 27, there are 61M shares outstanding. If all the debt, stock warrants, and options were conversted to common stock an additional 75M shares would be issued, which would dilute current shareholders. More specifically, the stock price would need to increase 122% for you to regain your current $ holding. That said, if the stock price were to jump up to $20 you would be quite happy and all would be fine.