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  • read_learn read_learn Jun 23, 2012 10:55 AM Flag

    CWT Sato Travel can still work with Concur

    I'm not sure what the are complaining about because they can still be the travel agent for many agencies. They would just need to use Concur to book it. It looks like CWT Sato Travel has a weak argument here.
    There are so many reasons to only go with Concur. The number one reason is analytics. If you have your data in two different systems and had to bring it together to analyze it for procurement or fraud that would mean creating a third system for the merged data and would not be able to use the tools of either system to analyze the data. What a waste that would be.

    Concur has invested a lot of money to build a integrated travel (booking, TripIt, Taxi Magic, many third party systems integrated into TripIt, mobile app) and expense (Gelco’s government experience, imaging on mobile devices, vat requirements and other local issues Global Expense, along with many years of their own experience).

    I still don’t think all of the long term investments that have been made keeping others from trying to enter the area and further government wins are in the current stock price. Long slow steady stock gains ahead.