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  • adfib77 adfib77 May 4, 2001 5:56 PM Flag

    Could someone tell me

    Don't know if there are any private placement warrants outstanding on CNQR. It will be tough getting the answer here. More idiots then any board I've seen.

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    • oh no, another pretender. I'm very hurt...I guess I'm one of those idiots! I'm gonna blame JJJJJ for that, I can't be accountable for my own actions for I'm too Liberal...just ask Rush Limbaugh my hero. hey, adfib77...try contacting CNQR and ask them....hell, they may even be honest with you "non-idiots". I choose to be hurt and ashamed because of you and JJJJJ and Por-sha and the fart guy. Now my weekend is ruined!! boo hoo

    • you would have to read up on the public filings. there are some warrants out there to AMEX if i remember correctly, maybe others too but they are now at prices so far above the current price that they are a non event i should think. what is up?

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      • I just want to make sure all the long time real investoirs know how much I really apppriciete the good advice I get from people like you. Before porsh got this board everybody was polite and traded good advice and we all made a ton of money. Now we have to look throgh all this phuck shit of his 50 times a day to get to the few ggood posts like phool and buccky and you. Some day I'm going to meet the phuck and kick his balls up into his throat and stomp his phucking ass for all the lies he has told on all the places he posts his phuckin shit.

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