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  • grumman05 grumman05 Feb 6, 2004 3:43 PM Flag

    Since 1:00 PM...Corv has been dropping

    The Nasdaq keeps rallying while corv keeps dropping folks.

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    • "Exactly WHAT do you find "informative" about this post? It seems quite a number of posters here need a theory (or rather conspiracy) to give an explanation for the unexplainable. And the worst of it is that the post "appeared" to say something - alluded to dark doings..."

      Thanks for making me think more about my post, yet I think you misunderstood what I was trying to get across. Thanks to this topic (Why CORV is being held down) and Oricle's post, I now know what a "collar" is. We need more thought provoking topics that can help the inexperienced (like me) understand terms that we are ignorant of.

    • CORV isn't being held down. CORV was slammed down big time time. That was was then. This is now. CORV is on track and on the rise, quite nicely. It's a reversal of the old saying "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em". CORV is playing the game "If you can't join 'em, beat 'em".

    • If you think you can become ultra rich on a $2.50 stock going to $8.00, well, lots of luck to ya. In the mean time, I am looking for the next AMGN.

      The only best kept secret about CORV is they have failed to execute over and over again. Guess, there is always a first time and I hope they do it. Would like to see the pittance of shares I still have go up but ain't holding my breath. There are a lot better investments out there.

    • Both hostile and an idiot. That's pretty good.
      You obviously missed the point entirely. I was suggesting that there was, in fact nothing unusual about the recent dip. Are you one who thinks this is a "scheme" engineered by CORV? If not, then just fucking chill. And read posts more carefully please.

      Extcasy? Huh?


    • So, is the perfect tracing of CORV with the market and other speculative stocks just a coincidence? Seems like EITHER a prospective acquisition is going to dictate the timing of price manipulation (in which case it would happen independent of the overall market) OR the overall market is dictating the upward and downward drafts. Since CORV is tracing it suggests the latter. Of course it could be a happy coincidence for those handling this purchase that they got a chance to force the price down at the same time as the rest of the market. Just seems like too mmuch of a coinki-dink to me.


    • I respect your point of view. Price action next week will be interesting --


    • I agree with the action to $1.15 and DID NOT SAY such actions never occur.

      I believe I've given sufficient justification for believing it is not occurring now.


    • With all due respect, you are naive.

      Look back at the price action when Corv raised cash for investment in BRW. The price was brutally forced to $1.15.

      The scenario described regarding Allegiance does not seem so outrageous.

      Again, with all respect for your point of view.


    • I stated the other day that whatever has happened to our price since $3 is entirely consistent with the NAZ's moves and our beta (4).

      No conspiracy here IMO.


    • Another point against the acquisition theory, as attractive as that sounds, is that CORV moved in near lock-step with many other speculative small caps in several sectors and will the overall market (though at a higher beta, of course). Even unrelated sectors such as natural gas had stocks like DYN moving down 30-40% tracing CORV almost minute-for-minute over the past two weeks. Manipulation? Probable. CORV-specific manipulation? Doesn't seem like it.


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