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  • thebookstar1 thebookstar1 Apr 2, 2009 5:44 PM Flag


    Bob brinker is now telling people that his estimated earnings for the s & p 500 is $67 after just one month ago telling subscribers that his estimate for s & p 500 earnings for 2009 is $57.00 for 2009. On top of this, in last month's advice, he told everyone that a retest of the early march bottom around $680 would have to be retested before any meaningful rally could take place. Now, after one month of seeing the market rally, he became fearful that he would miss the rally and the market bottom call, so he now is telling everyone that it may not be necessary to retest the early march lows of $680ish. Come on bob ! Give us a break. You have blown the bottom call for over a 10+ months and does anyone listen anymore to what you have to say? You also have told investors to never chase prices but isn't that exactly what you are doing today by telling people the above but hedging your your call "just in case you are wrong for the 6th time in the past 6 months" ? I guess no matter if the market retests or doesn't and heads higher from here, bob is right because he has a february newsletter that says one thing and a march newsletter that says the opposite. Guru...sure thing ! This is just how guru jim cramer makes his mysterious calls and gets some of them right...he makes so many comments on both sides of the market on various "episodes of madmoney/cnbc" (either we are at the bottom or we are heading lower) that he always is right depending on what show he uses as a reference point. Who would know the difference, right ? No one holds these gurus responsible for their comments and after all people are intrigued by listening to people that are "thought to be" gurus and who hold amazing powers to predict the ! We have been doing this ever since man first walked this earth. Reminds me alot of the magic powder salesmen and the gypsies. Looks like this wonderful market has made alot of gurus...less guruish, doesn't it? Lol ! After all noone knows what the economy or the markets will do next so why pay people for this advice they are just telling you what you want to hear so you remain hopeful and still buy stocks and mutual funds....wonder why!...ho yeah, that's right...that's the business they are in, recommending and selling investment advice. Hmmm, get the picture folks ? ! So you may want to double check your reasoning for paying to have brinker and others read tea leaves. Just a bit of unbiased advice.

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