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  • keyportdan keyportdan Nov 23, 2011 4:27 PM Flag

    Where to place blame?

    I see a lot of employees coming on here and bashing their Unions. I really don't understand why any of you are doing this. A&P and their horrible executives are the reason why this company is in bankruptcy ,and also the reason why we are being forced to vote on giving back wages, vacations, sick time, etc. I am a member of Local 342 and I know for a fact that this Union is doing everything in their power to minimize the hits we will take in our contract. Since the company is in bankruptcy, the Unions are being forced by the judge to propose contract changes with compromises. We all know this is a terrible situation, but if we want to continue to keep our jobs and provide for our families, this is a proposal we might have to accept. What is the alternative? A Strike? Sure, we could strike, but if we do, we run the risk of being replaced, or the company totally shutting down. Even if all of us decide to accept the terms of the new proposal, we will still have far more in our contracts than the non-union people that are forced to work with low wages, no healthcare, and no paid time off every single day of their lives. Be thankful for what we still have!

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