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  • mr_stkmaker mr_stkmaker Mar 28, 2000 4:46 PM Flag

    Departure of Stockroom

    Has anyone noticed how a lot of the bickering is
    gone since stockroom left. Although he made himself
    out to be some great individual. I saw him as
    childish, the way he was always responding to negative
    comments and being so defensive all the time. Anyone that
    represents themselves the way stockroom did is no special
    individual. Although we will be without a few of his
    informative post. We will also be without a lot of defensive

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    • I agree with your comments about stockroom. I
      also notice that DMM isn't always trying to play
      second fiddle to stock either. Maybe now he can stop
      acting like a child with ADS and give us some viable
      information. I was getting tired of him trying to find INTD
      into every link he found on the web. But DMM I've
      noticed you've greatly improved, good boy.

    • Of far more importance (if I were to agree with
      you at all, which I might not) is that DMM has been
      behaving himself lately--in fact, he seems to be trying to
      play the role of info provider today and little else.
      As a result, some of the anti-DMM crowd, including
      gramps and other recent arrivals, have not been engaging
      in punch-counterpunch. That's helped TREMENDOUSLY.