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  • jagan1961 jagan1961 Sep 16, 2010 8:14 AM Flag

    DYP has real assets and real people!

    This is NOT a FLY BY NIGHT operator of some sort!

    WIth the inflation is sky high, asset valuation also expanded exponentially.

    What was worth or you could create for $100, today it costs $200-$300!

    There are NO FRAUD here, a cultural difference, btw Public and Private enterprise. All along they have been running th show as a private enterprise. They are in a learning curve, just a glitch.

    The business is growing @CAGR 30-35%! The stock is worth much more than BV. Atleast 2 X Book!


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    • The owner mentioned something yesterday on the CC about the cost of doing business as it relates to paying for sales and marketing. I would be willing to bet that the cost they are trying to cover up is the sales force going out and buying expensive cognac, high class escorts, and partying customers till the sun comes up crazy Chinese style. It is a total embarrassment, but does it mean that the company should have lost over $100 million in market cap. I think not!

    • He does not have to show you anything! Deloite just did! Check the news!
      The accounting firm just issued a statement basically saying that .. EVERYTHING about the company DYP (cash, assets, income, equipments, .. ) IS VERIFIABLE and ready to file for 10K , EXCEPT for the $4M US expense to some vendors/distributors that the company Audit Committee does not want to disclose details as to who, and why this money was paid!

      So, if illegal activities, ONLY $4M US involved!

    • SHOW US...OR STFU.