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  • youarenotajedi youarenotajedi Dec 8, 2010 12:48 PM Flag

    Big rally for DYP comes in January

    You could say that about any stock that is down hard, why would someone sell in case they resolve their issues within the 30 days before it can be bought back, but people still do it. Also, I am not saying everyone is going to buy back the shares, I am saying many people are selling DYP at this time of year for tax reasons and that will end by Jan. The point is there will be less people selling DYP shares in Janu which means less supply at these price. Less supply of shares being sold means higher prices. BASIC.

    Here is a refresher course in the January effect regarding tax loss selling for those here that need it, this article just came out yesterday:

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    • "I am saying many people are selling DYP at this time of year for tax reasons"

      Yea, right. The very low volume of DYP and sideways to slightly upward trend in its price over the past couple of weeks supports no such statement.

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      • Taek, I can't waste any more time on you because you appear brainless.

        It has not had very low volume for the past few weeks everyday and that is not the point, the point is that less of whatever volume we have no will be selling volume.

        Also, your statement the "sideways to slightly upward trend" does not prove your point whatsoever. In fact if anything it proves my point because the stock has remained basically sideways for awhile now INSTEAD OF UP which where it will be when there are no individuals or mutual funds selling for tax loss or portfolio year end reports reasons.

        Just wait until the first week of Jan and you will see a noticeable rise from the average trading price in the last couple weeks of Dec.

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