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  • wfez wfez Mar 14, 2012 9:46 AM Flag

    When is next ex dividend date?

    When is next ex dividend date?

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    • I get it now, nedalkay. Instead of a good trader, you are a "powerful trader" like me. You are so powerful you can move the markets with a single 100 share trade.

      1. If you buy 100 shares of an equity, Wall Street is watching and the price of that equity immediately plummets -- within seconds. Before you have a chance to put a decent stop loss in place, you are down 1%.

      XLU looked good today . . . until the last fifteen minutes. My whole portfolio looked beautiful green today . . . until five positions dropped in the last fifteen minutes. I was still green, but not like I wanted to be. Why am I complaining? I was green.

      2. If you sell 100 shares of an equity that you have held for two or three weeks, an equity that you have researched thoroughly and that you felt certain was a good choice, but you have experienced so much pain passing the 8% loss threshold of Investor's Business Daily that you throw in the towel and you sell. Within seconds, because you are such a powerful trader, the price of that equity experiences a pop so powerful that Fast Money reports it on its Pops and Drops that very day.

      3. You are so powerful of a trader that you can study an equity and think about buying it, almost buying it, even typing in the order and doing everything except clicking the "submit" button, but you don't for some reason. Wall Street knows, though, so when you get back from the bathroom or whatever it was that distracted you, the choice price on that equity is dust in your rear view mirror, because some hedge fund just snapped up 50,000 shares and the price has gone up $1.50.

      I understand you now, because I am a powerful trader just like you.

    • I'm not really a good trader. The last couple of days
      I've gotten killed in BAS and FCX. Now when i'm not
      in BAS it's up over 6%.
      I decided to just trade XLU, D or HNZ. They don't
      drop alot and i'm more likely to hold onto without
      worrying that i'll lose a few thousand.
      Some say we'll get a correction, some say we'll be
      alright till may or the end of the year.
      I know one thing utilities or staples won't drop
      that much no matter what the market does. I'm in D
      and i don't have to worry if the market is down on
      Monday or not.

    • Friday, March 16th. I'm buying today on this sell-off. I hope it doesn't sell off any more. Traditionally utilities bottom in March. If we can catch a slight bottom right before ex-divi day, maybe we can get both the dividend and some appreciation afterwards . . . fingers crossed.

      Do your own DD, as always, and check the links rather than taking my word for it please.

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