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  • macron32 macron32 Nov 26, 2004 12:07 PM Flag

    sex drive medication

    I should think that the most difficult thing about getting a woman to take a sex drive medication would to convince them that they need it. Many women do not see their lack of interest in sex as a problem.

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    • Oh, how wrong you are!!!! That is the problem with this board, no women until now. I bought this stock because I have a problem, and so do many other women who see my gynecologist. How do I know, I asked him and they complain of the same issues. We are overworked, over stressed, can't slow down, have little time for ourselves, and very little for the hubby with little ones running around our feet. Working now as you can tell. Maybe finally a DR. will have an answer for us instead of just nothing, but a nice smile, and comforting "you are not alone".

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      • Maybe you just haven't met the right lover yet...

      • I was not speaking of younger women. I was speaking of post menopause ladies. I indicated the retirement community as a base for my comments.
        I am well aware of all the stress a younger woman faces with raising a family and when you toss a job on top of it, it must be horrendous.
        I am not a male chauvinistic pig but a man that has observed a problem and wonder how we overcome it. The same type of problem exists with men that need Viagra type medication but are too proud to say that they have lost the ability to gain an erection.


    • That may be true, but they tend to object to
      Hubby having a piece on the side. Or, they
      may like to feel sexy again and WANT to have
      sex, rather than being passive.
      And, remember from studies so far highlighted
      by BPA, there was a lot more satisfaction experienced by women using the BPA product.

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