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  • RyanIU20 RyanIU20 Mar 14, 2012 2:58 PM Flag

    This Board

    is pathetic. There is absolutely ZERO DD going on here. There is not "smart money" in this stock and that is a bad sign. All the investors in this stock are just looking to make an easy dollar. Where is the research? Where are the long term investors? They aren't here! Bad, bad sign.
    All the posts here are just whiners, crying about the stock being at .74 for a week or someone actually taking the time to post "halted?" because nobody had traded it in a couple of minutes or "we're going to a dollar today!" BS BS BS waste of time.
    Start doing some real DD or better yet get with a better company. Stop waiting for seeking alpha to move the stock.

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    • blueskies_austin Mar 16, 2012 1:31 PM Flag

      The market is not factoring in the sales of BioT as what that will be is still an unknown, it's all conjecture at this point. Bpax has several licensing deals, which gives it an income stream, but they really need to hit a home run with Libi.

    • Best posting I've seen in the last two weeks that I've been here! :)

      I agree; with all the pumpers/bashers/scammers trying to sell their rag website bs; I've seen relativly FEW threads worth a sheet!


    • The smart investors are loading the boat while the MM`s are keeping BPAX down. This odd sideways trading we are seeing in my experience has been a good indicator. Something is brewing and it doesn`t look good for the short interest. They had their hayday when we tanked on poor efficacy results. We`re all here to make a buck right?? Smart investors like myself are sitting on the sidelines watching the knuckleheads blog about squat. I`m long on BPAX. I believe their TEVA connection gives them a shoe-in with the FDA. Ignore the hype and be patient IMO.

    • are right Ryan... but this situation is strictly 100% the same in every board -- it's funny to verify that "idiots" pretty much only write with "capital letters"... so funny ... I said many time that, when I have rough moments with my job, I step in here and get a huge smile in my face ... idiots are not only pathetic but, too, sooo funny... idiots who just see a inch past their noses...(can't forget the guy who said "INHX is heading to 2 bucks" ... Jees what a looser!)-- I bought here at 0.68 and keep my shares tight for, say, one year... let's see the situation in March 2013... and, in my honest opinion, this is a "buy"...

    • agree whole with more whole heart.I'm making it a sport putting people on Ignore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its gonna of fun. Especially when i'm at work. Idiots at home posting garbage and who can't spell to save their life. Maybe the Shadow unemployment rate is 17% because 17% of our population is too stupid to hold a job!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 1 Reply to kinghelldaddy
      • Wow you guys seam to have some anger issues lol

        K throw out your intellectual opinion for bpax , I have not read many posts that contain good information , or knowledge of this company ,

        Except professor , jadite , blue skies, dctring, lammin2 , ranchero n a few others , that's it!!

        Agreed with observation , people are lazy and inspect instant gratification these days , very little work ethics and lack of character. The old timers are passing on and their generation will be missed . Reality shows are for monkeys , and he new lazy response is " no problem " which says it all !


    • stockguru Mar 14, 2012 3:22 PM Flag

      hey peckerface

      go buy a real stock like AAPL

      don't be afraid of high price

      you know AAPL will climb slowly but in the end you know you are going to make money

      in the meantime short this pig

    • If you use the ignore button, there are actually a few decent posts every few hours.

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