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  • jonzkeleeyzfanclub jonzkeleeyzfanclub Nov 29, 2012 6:44 PM Flag

    did they get bought out for $100 yet?


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    • the only other thibgs you say are: baaaaaaaaaa or timberrrr when you use your timber id.
      proof you are some high school kid who knows nothing about the stocks he bashes-- same as the other stocks i see you in that i also own--.
      hey any #$%$ who pays you to bash has got to be a retart and i want to be there when he comes crashing down. making..$$ thanks paid basher at $5 a bash post. LMFAO!!!

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      • 1 Reply to court.fool2000
      • i am very bullish on BPAX and know without a doubt, imo, that T-ljel will dominate the $2B testosterone jel market since it needs only 1/10th to be as effective since it is the only jel that is transdermal all others are topical with no trandermal properties and aonly allow tiny molecules slowly thru the skin while Tjel allows larger molecules to rapidly seep thru the skin layers.. a hge advantage!!.
        and nothing is safer than a transdermal topical, you may want to short RPRX they have a pill in pahse 2 which still is no competition to T-jel, imo since T-jel is more safer than any pill that effects every cell in the body---- Teva will penetrate this huge market and give BPAX huge royalties and milestones on T-jel...wait and see why I am fully loaded in BPAX at higher prices!! no imo needed, imo.

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    • gabash Nov 30, 2012 4:37 PM Flag

      john give the boyz a break guy they have maybe $3 or 4 K in this stock .

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