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  • hometoroost2008 hometoroost2008 Oct 6, 2008 8:17 PM Flag

    Newby here

    Rkyjake-- This board is, as you can see, pretty much a ghost town, because SZK hasn't had nearly the volatility the other double-inverse ETF's have had. This one is functionally the same as SKF, SRS, QID and others, all of which have active message boards with some really good commentary on the mechanical workings of these Proshares double inverse funds, so I recommend you look them over, going back some months. And, as they say, "read the prospectus".

    I consider SZK the "fat lady"-- when she sings it's my signal to clear out of all inverse ETFs, and I've decided she's singing when there is either a 20% up day or 2 X 10% down days in a week for SZK. When that happens to a relatively sedate, defensive group like beverages, foods and basic consumer goods, it's true market capitulation time and time to find a new game to play.

    That's my view, anyway. Thought we might have had it today.

    Have fun and don't linger too long in these things-- the mathematics of percentage down vs percentage up will over time waste your gains.

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    • I was trading SKF, but the Fed started scaring me with surprise overnight rule changes. It's making a big run off 95 where I should have bought. Now I think I missed. If retail is going to be bad to worse this seems like a good place to be???

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      • I own SKF, but got screwed by the SEC. I figured I should just right calls against it and get something so I wrote the $115 oct. calls figuring it would never get there with the ban. Without the ban it would have been over 200 yesterday. I don't think it is fair that they can screw those who are trying to protect their other positions and reward those who were irresponsible.

        Any way I agree, consumer spending is the next shoe to drop. Bought in today at 87. I just put the order in and walked away. I was a little surprised that it filled, but glad.

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