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  • jonfon40 jonfon40 Jul 25, 2010 9:09 PM Flag

    Can anyone give insight into potential GOOG settlement?

    Dude, no offense, but YOU ARE RETARDED. Why would the settlement be based on the value of the server? The settlement or court finding (if in the favor of NLST) would be based on the value of the memory content in a GOOG server - or more specifically, the value of NLST's technology within a GOOG server. Since a server sells for perhaps a couple of thousand, and memory makes up perhaps 20% of the cost, and the value-add of NLST's technology is some % of the memory, you are speaking of a much lower number.
    However, the 2% of GOOG's servers that you reference is a number that is similarly pulled from your #$%$ (I would suspect NLST's technology is either relevant in many/most of GOOG's servers or basically none), therefore we are talking about a lower dollar value from a significantly higher number of servers.
    Anyhow, before you post, think about your assumptions...just trying to educate you.

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    • Firstly, I said that this is anyone's guess, and secondly I said that this was the [memory cost] * [number of servers]. Don't know why you got confused, and the name calling, why the name calling? No need for the RTARD ok? Let's be better than that.

      Anyhoooo, the point, which is the thing you missed, was that even with a slight amount of infringing servers at a memory cost of just 4k per server, NLST should get 40 million, minimum.

      500,000 * 0.02 * 4,000 = 40,000,000

      [number of total servers] * [percent infringing] * [memory cost per server] = settlement

      then, there is

      [settlement] * [treble] = ?

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      • yup, and don't forget nlst lost business damages due to oems freezing their Netlist qual/ purchases awaiting outcome of this case.. Google is trying to drive nlst out of biz, like Metaram and take over Hypercloud tech..Do No Evil my arse..

      • And my point is that you are retarded. If you assume 500,000 servers with a memory cost of $4000 each you come out with $2,000,000,000 of expense just on the memory portion...and memory is not 100% of the cost of a server, it is maybe $10billion of spend on servers (by your estimates)...except this would exceed the last 4 years of cap-ex from GOOGLE and some of their cap-ex was not on servers. So make assumptions all day, but ground them in some type of reality and not from your anus.
        I am long the stock and believe NLST will prevail and I will make money (apparently a view that you share), but crappy math does not help the cause.
        I love you anyway horse-lips.

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