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  • fury_furuncle fury_furuncle Jul 27, 2010 10:05 AM Flag

    SCMI's New "Hypersonic" Hypercloud Workstation

    Press releases
    August 07, 2010
    New Products
    HyperSonic 2010S Large memory innovation 2 "HyperSonic 2010S" released

    July 8, 2010
    Rickey & Co. Rickey & Co.

    Rickey & Co.288GB 32GB/s(1333MHz) Hypersonic 2010S

    Rickey & Co. (Ricky & Company), Intel (R) 2 processor equipped with the latest equipment, memory up to 288GB 32GB / s (1333MHz) high-powered workstations to the new "Hypersonic 2010S" and then released. The new products, sales start July 12 at our company and our customers.

    Hypersonic 2010S Product Name: Hypersonic 2010S
    List Price: 888,000 yen (840,952 yen price tax + shipping)

    Sale Date: July 12, 2010
    Provide affordable workstations with high-capacity memory Hypersonic 2010S 192GB 32GB/s. "Hypersonic 2010S" had been impossible until now, 2CPU substantially limit a workstation over 192GB, 288GB maximum memory capacity of the environment 32GB / s groundbreaking work in keeping the memory bandwidth is the product. In order to avoid slowing down the memory bus and the traditional rank restrictions, We employ a dedicated ASIC with the memory.

    This product also has a memory slot of this 18, 8GB when modules are cheaper than the 144GB system will be built.

    If you stabbed more than 12 modules, in normal 19.2GB / s (800MHz) [40% performance down] would have to drop the memory clock, Hypersonic 2010S offers 32GB / s still provides the best computing environment continue.

    Structural analysis, EDA sector, SIMD computation, computational fluid performance improved markedly different memory bandwidth HPC electromagnetic calculations and other applications will be flexible.

    The main features are as follows.

    - Adopting innovative memory solutions
    "Hypersonic 2010S" is to remove existing 192GB limit the maximum amount of memory that the memory module Adopting ASIC equipped, 288GB memory with support for up and then three memory channels Even 32GB / s that we maintain a clean solution without any modification of hardware and software at the hardware level. Memory DDR3-1333 ECC Registered memory, OS RedHat Enterprise Server installed when you select our standard, is available up to 288GB.

    Excellent value for money - with a certain reliability, Supermicro offers made by the adoption of all Aborn "Supersonic 2010S" adopt a newly developed memory is already approved for Supermicro (Validation)

    The memory manufacturers are OEM for many years to come and support dedicated to the special needs of major manufacturers in the memory, in order to provide this technology to more users like part of that, I launch this product now. Housing and HPC at Supermicro has many proven uses.

    The product will begin shipping in mid-August. Delivery approximately 4 - 8 weeks after receipt of order.

    Rickey & Co. sets new standard in FAT workstation

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