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  • hpcinvestor hpcinvestor Jul 30, 2010 11:13 AM Flag

    Cup handle 6 mo daily bullish NLST

    Call options seeing action. No sell puts with conviction from short traders. $5 calls appear to be bargain. Significant event and volume might shoot to $4.50 plus near term. GLTA

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    • dem, the correct buy point is aa 10-15% drift down from 3.24 beg of handle,i.e., 32 to 48 cents lower than it 40 cents and you get 2.84!! Look familiar(last Thurs/ Fri lows)? Now you add 10 cents above this and you get $2.94 buy point. This is right near the latest, exact pivot point of 2.97!!!!(
      The breakout is confirmed if we get thru 2.97 in convincing volume > than 50% of 1m daily avg shares. So we need a breakout next week above 2.97 on 1.5M share daily volume to confirm breakout technically, according to O'Neill/ IBD..

    • This cup and handle formation is clearly
      present and Monday will be the beginning
      of a large gap up. I'm guessing that
      NLST will consolidate around the 3.85 level
      before earnings and break above 4 post
      earnings. Once this is trading as a marginal
      security, 5 and 6 pps should come rather
      quickly. Should be an exciting week.

    • you live in Miami huh, awesome.
      I love Florida.

    • they show the 50 and 200 moving avg, when a stock like apple or sandisk, or any stock that has bee running for a wile, usually will find support at the 50 day or 200 day, and that is a good entry piont for stock like that, or any stock really, this stock found support at the 50day last week, but when the market is under pressure, stock usually slice through the 50 day and might find support at the 200 day, but if it slices through the 200 day, stay away, usually you want to buy stocks out of sound bases, and sell at a climax, when you see an exhaustion gap, and the stock runs hard make the biggest advance you seen, like nlst if you pull the weekly chart up you will see an exhaustion gap on the final run to 8, that tells you you want to be a seller and not buy until it makes a sound base, and know is a sound base, also it does not matter if you buy at the lows, you just want to make sure the stock is about to break out, then sell for a 25% profit, look for another stock for another 25% gain, 4 stocks make 100%, but I like nlst so much, that I am a holder till the next correction, and a buyer when we come out of a correction.

    • majicubby090 Jul 31, 2010 12:57 AM Flag

      what about the 50sma and 100 sma

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    • the best way to sell, is stay in until market is under pressure, that is the 4th distribution day, and buy back on the confirmation day, also you want to sell, after a break out about 25% past the buy point, but that on regular stocks, some stocks like this can run hard way past 25% , so i stay in until the market corrects or when its under pressure, even if I loose some of my profit, cause when the market correct, it bring the stock way down, were I can wait for a confirmation day, that day usually comes 4 days after a rally attempt, july 7 we had a confirmation day, and nlst ran 22%, that was awesome.
      but gernally you want to trade around a core position, so I sold half at 3.43 and bought back at 2.97 the other day, that way you never miss any run up.
      some stock can just run and never look back, but I always sell all my stock when market is under pressure and is about to correct.

    • majicubby090 Jul 31, 2010 12:37 AM Flag

      hey dem what about my question about the 100 and 50 day sma on 3 yr chart...trying to figure out my profit points/sell pts and maybe buyback pts...this is going to be a wild ride...sold some way too early on the runup from .50 cents..dont want to do that again but have some financial needs coming up in 3-5 mnths...might have to sell some of something

    • majicubby090 Jul 31, 2010 12:33 AM Flag

      yeah i just need to learn what all the numbers along the right side mean..why isnt the price of the stock along the right side? i know really stupid question and when you tell me ill feel really stupid

    • she is a member of investors business Daily, and she dint know how to use the charts, just showed he how to download the software, to view.

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