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  • majicubby09 majicubby09 Feb 25, 2011 3:40 PM Flag

    list of bashers

    there are many reasons to hold nlst. Many have been posted on this board. I was only commenting on accumulation. It is being accumulated and imagine this, funds actually hold and collect for a while. When a stock goes down and the story has not changed but just taking longer than expected they actually collect more. Everyone here is actually saying it is being dumped. Untrue. Make fun of me all you want. I dont care. I am not selling any of my 35000 shares. I sold some on the spikes but IMO stupid to sell now. I believe traders sold out at 2.50 to 2.60+ and are now trying to build positions again. Maybe I am wrong but that what it seems like when silver posts those ridiculous posts telling people to sell their shares

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    • Cubby, in my post about the IBD's Acc/Dist. Rating I was pointing out that you can't rely too much on that proprietary indicator. IBD is not actually looking at the identities of buyers and sellers but are probably just making an assumption that heavier trading means activity by the institutions.
      The reality is that NLST is too small a fish for most institutional investors, and they don't bother with it. If you look up mutual fund holdings of NLST you will see that the top 6 mutual funds are index funds (meaning they just have a value-weighted portfolio). You are obviously entitled to your opinion, but from reading the board for a while it seems to me that you (along with Vic and Bron1e) are intent on looking for any justification to hold on to the stock and disregard any contradictory evidence. Your patience and optimism may or may not payoff with this particular stock, but in general this type of tunnel-vision behavior will result in big losses.

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