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  • WINGS2963 WINGS2963 Feb 5, 1999 1:49 PM Flag


    speaking to friend on wall street, we went over
    the figures for nats, they do have 30ml in cash and
    6.5ml in debt. This is really a cheap price for this
    company, once the street really knows about nats stock
    could be @20.00 and still be cheap.

    • you tell him!!!

    • at once didn't you. Congratulations. NATS is a
      blast to own and trade. If any stock had the potential
      to go from $5 to 20 in one hour, it would be NATS. I
      can't help but own shares because you never know what
      is going to happen. The slightest buying pressure
      causes NATS to have huge upward surges. And it has
      become a target for some foolish shortsellers. I would
      buy up the whole float if I had the ability. Trading
      NATS can make you rich quick. But holding it while
      others trade it could be even more profitable. I beleive
      for every three traders that trades in/out of the
      stock, there is one that holds on. That dries up the
      float more and more with every surge, thereby making
      the surges more and more intense just like what
      happened with AMZN. You should have pounced on it
      yesterday when the shorts were trying to pull it down. It
      was a beautiful oppportunity. There is no reason for
      it to go down from here, and I don't beleive there
      will be a much better opportunity to buy than there
      was on Friday. If there is, I will take advantage of
      it. At the end of the day, it was all buys. Shorts
      could get themselves into trouble with this one. I
      beleive this has the potential of AMZN and AMTD because
      they have some big things coming and the naysayers
      will be caught off-guard. Love that NATS.

    • I sold my NATS shares at open on Friday, in case the brokers got hammered again this upcoming week.

      I am looking for a re-entry point for NATS.

      Good luck all,


    • at IVBK! the insider records shows this WALDO
      who's the director of the company who has been buying
      everything he can get his hands on. something's brewing at
      IVBK, and it sure sounds good! watch for great news
      upcoming. they're ready to fly.

      check it

      your chance of making HUGE money is fantastic. the
      insiders have been buying b/c great news in on the
      check it out.

      check out IVBK's company profile
      on YAHOO. you'll see the last 20 insider reports!
      ALL BUYS!!!

      Proposed Acquisition of This
      Leading Video Sales Organization Is Expected to Double
      Revenue and Brings Established Sales Force and
      National Account Base

      Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 3, 1999-- Intervisual Books Inc.
      (IBI)(Nasdaq:IVBK - news),
      the world's leading
      creator and
      producer of interactive pop-up books for children and
      adults, Wednesday announced that it has entered
      a letter of
      intent to acquire privately-held
      Fast Forward Marketing Inc., Marina del Rey, Calif., a
      leading independent sales
      organization that

      distributes video and audio products for major motion picture
      studios, including Walt Disney, Warner Bros.,

      Universal, Paramount,
      20th Century Fox, and many
      independent producers.

      ``Based upon Fast Forward's
      1998 preliminary results, we expect this acquisition
      to double IBI's 1999 sales to over
      $30 million
      and to
      contribute to improved bottom line
      performance,'' said Norm Sheinman, president and chief operating
      officer of IBI.

      ``There is more,'' the COO
      continued. ``Since its founding by Steven Ades in 1987, Fast
      Forward has built an account
      base of more
      4,000 retailers, including national chains such as Toys
      R Us, Blockbuster, Target, Borders, Musicland and
      Buy, as well as
      specialty retailers such as
      Zany Brainy, Store of Knowledge, Noodle Kidoodle,
      Gymboree, Books A Million and other

      bookstores, gift shops, museums, zoos and Internet retailers
      such as E-Toys.

      ``Upon completion of this
      transaction, Steven and his proven sales organization are
      expected to join IBI, helping us to
      accelerate the

      implementation of two primary elements of our growth plan -- the
      distribution of self-published books and the
      marketing of an exciting range of book/video sets
      of our own.''

    • I wanted that block so bad, but I ain't made of money!!! There goes 5,000 of your box!! Now what are ya gonna do Shorty??? NANANANANA

    • Here they go again!!! Hold on folks!!! We are in battle. Shorts are trading your stock around. Get em now!!!

    • End of discussion. Tell him if he does not do it, you will seek action. He is full of it.

    • a bug!!! Looks like the volume is your problem
      buddy. What's wrong??? You ran out of sellers didn't
      you. You should have known better than to screw around
      with NATS and our little teeny weeny float. Our crew
      is strong and you will get hurt here!

    • Stocks, I called my broker for my shares (small
      300). He told me since it's a cash and not a margin
      acct. (I'm new with this broker), that my shares would
      not be loaned out to anyone else... and that certs
      not necessary?

      True? or BS?

    • all the play in this sector has been in the other
      overly paid co's. our week is next week when we start
      our move upward. don't expect 10+ jump, unless, the
      market has a huge boost in morale on monday. happy

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