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  • stockskillme stockskillme Feb 7, 1999 10:47 PM Flag

    Let me start with this.

    NATS is back to the same business model with the
    same management team that made them 1.57 per share in
    NATS has a website that the investment
    community is little aware of since it is still under
    construction. If you look back through my posts, you will find
    the link to that site. They already offer their
    clients access to their accounts and all you have to do
    is get a broker on the phone to make the trade. It
    takes approx 30-40 seconds to have that broker on the
    phone. (try that with Etrade or Ameritrade) As a matter
    of fact. I have gone back to my full service broker
    and don't mind paying a few extra bucks to have
    someone I can rely on to be there when the market opens.

    If you look around thru that website, it looks
    pretty obvious that NATS is looking to expand their web
    presence with an on-line trading system. However, even if
    they don't get it done this qrtr, that should still
    bode just fine for NATS. They have been doing more
    revenue than the 34-35 million they did when they
    acheived the 1.57 per share earnings of 96.

    Management has been borrowing money to buy back the stock of
    this company.

    Last but not least, if what you
    say is true and the short interest is in fact, 64,500
    as of Friday, then I'd say that about 20% of the
    float has been shorted and they are guaranteed to buy.
    NATS is going to catch these shorts off guard just as
    AMZN and AMTD have done. etc.etc..

    Actually I
    have a few other points that I could make but I am
    sitting here with my grandparents right now, setting up a
    new computer for them to tinker around with and my
    other points have been made all over this board. Take
    some time and do the reading. Then go read the 10q's
    and any other pc's of info you can find and come back
    here and tell me why I am wrong.

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    • Hey shorters, go and play your game. you know
      well that nasdaq market will come back with a fury and
      when it does, you're toast.

      When management is
      confident in their stocks, that's a strong sign to the
      investors that long-term goals will be met. It's been a
      crazy ride, however, you can't negate the fact that
      NATS has tons of CASH to make some aggressive moves
      which will place it in great position to enter the
      ON-LINE trading.

      We'll do fine! Watch out!