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  • who_the_hell_2000 who_the_hell_2000 Jul 14, 2000 5:49 PM Flag


    First of all you guys... I told you
    so! Now
    who was that guy that called
    me a dumb ass and
    stated I didn't know what I was talking about

    OK here's what's happening now...

    Don Stine
    and the other vp's tried
    a leverage buyout to gain
    of the company. Why? Because the
    stocks are
    basically worthless and
    if they could of pulled it off
    turned it around then all would of
    been very rich

    Luke Stefanko spoiled the fun and
    is out of
    retirement and back running
    the company. All vp's
    including Don
    Stine are history.

    OK, what's the
    chances for you guys
    who invested in VDI... consider
    info to make your decision on what
    to do.

    Don Stine new absolutely dick about running a Post
    company. However, Don Stine is the
    financial wizard he
    is the one
    responsible for putting the
    deal together in the first place.
    Stine has worked
    with them many
    times before. Stine is
    of a S.F. venture capital firm. Go
    figure huh!
    But regardless how big
    of an idiot the guy is
    there is
    no question that he is one of a
    of real financial wizards
    in this country. He was
    CFO for
    Walt Disney and is also on boards
    several companies.

    About Luke Stefanko, He began
    in the
    business about the same time as
    Thats about 20+ yrs. He has loyal
    friends and many
    many people in the
    industry that HATE HIS GUTS
    he lies and cheats people. VDI was
    started on
    alot of those lies. There
    happens to be a lot of
    lawsuits going
    on that haven't been made

    Guys the HD TV bullshit is just that. It's not going
    so well...very few
    stations have complied with
    the gov.
    and the others have recieved
    extentions from uncle sam to comply.

    The killer of it
    now is that the major studios have said no way
    hell because they have yet to be
    convinced that
    anti-piracy measures
    are sufficiant. HD is digital
    that means it's a master of a master
    and never
    degrades with copying.
    The Studios don't like

    Now for the ax.. Sony just announced
    is has
    stopped production of the
    HD TV that were to be sold
    in the
    U.S. The reason they gave was based
    the Studios and to avoid the
    litigation that was
    being planned.

    Bottom line is ... Luke and Don
    planning a big killing from the very
    beginning. Luke
    pulled off the same
    scam for his step father back in
    with AME Inc. a similiar company like
    bain bought
    it and it headed straight
    to the celler. The US
    Gov. came in
    and tried to run it for a year
    finally gave up. Luke and step father
    made 50 million
    on the deal.

    Believe me or not I don't care
    way or other what happens to VDI. I'm not trying to
    bash them and I
    knew when it started where it
    headed... Its a scam, always was and
    always will be a
    scam. Luke is a very dangerous person... he has
    gift of being a great bullshit artist
    and he will
    do anything to get what
    wants any way he can. The
    man has
    more enemies than Sadam.

    sorry you invested wrong.
    You would of been better
    of buying
    Liberty stock. But do yourselves
    favor and find another industry
    to invest in this
    one is not good.
    The expenses are out of site...
    a company doesn't need to go public
    because the
    profits are also sky high.

    Luke pulled of a
    classic... suck in
    investors with the MultiMedia
    hehe Luke has changed that name a
    hundred time
    trying to find the
    profitable combination. Other
    he gambles on the fact that people
    gave more
    money than brains..

    Good Luck you

    Oh and BTW the internet scam is in
    COURT guess Stine doesn't
    know the difference, which
    to be between night and day!

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    • scratching my head on this one as well. sad state
      of affairs when the only info we find is on a Yahoo
      board, agreed. already down big and what I have left is
      a pittance. going to move it to the back of my desk
      and forget about it. maybe it comes back, probably it
      becomes a writeoff.

      gotta run, have to go find a
      cold beer and forget about VDIM.

    • It's just a little depressing when the best
      publicly available information on the company may be
      coming from anonymous Yahoo posters with a large axe to
      grind. I hope you're right, but more than that I wish I
      had heeded my inner voice when it screamed around
      April 1, "Where the heck was the proxy info for the $15
      buyout meeting?" Arrrgh. Sthupid...sthupid...sthupid....

    • CEO may be bad. But, the man owns lots of VDIM
      stock. Sure he could suck money out in salary. But, it
      would pale in comparison to making all the right moves
      and boosting the value of his shares. I'm along for
      the ride. How can you go wrong at this

      BTW, Jack Welch is also an SOB. But, he made so many
      people so much money that everyone agreed to overlook
      the fact that the man is an asshole.

      I say
      we're back to $12 to $15 by year-end.

    • appreciated the post, but it was confusing. help

      "Don Stine and the other vp's tried
      a leverage
      buyout to gain ownership
      of the company. Why? Because
      stocks are basically worthless and
      if they could of
      pulled it off and
      turned it around then all would
      been very rich indeed."

      What did you mean by
      the "stocks are basically worthless"?

      questions to follow.


      • 1 Reply to cpa38
      • As I said before its been a scam
        from the very

        The plan was very simple and it was
        to go
        public, use all the proceeds
        to buy as many post
        related business
        as possible. Basically to give
        impression VDI was some sort of
        MultiMedia conglomerate.
        Then it
        would go up for sale and
        attract a buyer. Basically Bains
        was already set in
        place because
        Don Stine knows them very

        If you take a look at the year end
        report 1999
        you will see that VDI
        list 2 class action suits
        them as well as naming Bain as a
        party to

        What I think happened is that credit
        uncovered many undisclosed
        law suits VDI was presently
        to as well as they discovered VDI
        was not
        completely truthful with
        the initial financial
        info. Credit Sussie basically said
        FUCK YOU! Also
        they had warning from
        First Bank of Boston which
        the purchased of AME inc. the other
        scam Luke
        pulled off.

        Where it stands now there is
        likely one or two things that has
        caused the recent

        One is what I stated in my other post. Could of been
        Stine had lined
        up someone else to buy and
        him and the other VP's should take
        the credit and
        the money.

        Or this could be happening...
        guys have violated some very serious
        federal laws.
        I know off hand at
        least 15-20 formal
        complaints have
        been filed with the SEC about
        activity of VDI.

        The SEC works in a very quiet
        They never reveal who, what,where
        or why unless it
        becomes a matter
        of public record.

        "aggressive internet plan"
        has landed them in Federal
        The attorney for Lightning Dubbs
        is anything but a
        chump. He's
        regarded around the world as the
        trail lawyer in Calif. He is
        indeed a very sharp and
        very smart
        man. He has rep. of taking your
        off along with all your money
        when he gets you in
        a courtroom.

        Maybe the SEC decided to roll
        before this gets really nasty. Maybe!

        Maybe Luke
        just happens to have
        business relationships with
        wrong people. And maybe Stine and
        the rest were
        trying to get control
        away from Luke before they end
        taking the fall. I know for fact
        that Stine had
        become very suspicous
        about the fact that Luke was
        him for a chump and a fall guy.

        Did you guys
        know that Luke and Don
        are brother-n-laws...

        Have you noticed VDI has been very
        quiet the
        last few months...

        All this happening and no
        PR about
        it... are they covering it up. Or
        the SEC in there cleaning house
        trying to find out
        what's going on.

        No 1/4 report not even the
        one saying it's going to be late.

        Think about
        it... also read the sec
        filings they will tell you

        I admit I am one those that hate
        Luke, not
        because he's ever done
        anything to me or because he
        ripped off some of my friends.

        I hate his ass
        because he thinks
        nothing about pulling off these
        and trust me it has made him a very rich man. But
        even though I have never owned a share stock of
        company I know that the stock market
        represents the
        vehicle that moves
        this country forward and fuel
        that vehicle comes from people just
        like you. It
        piss's me off when the
        little guys get fucked like

        In closing here's something that
        puts the
        icing on the cake.

        As I write this post... at
        very moment Luke and his Newlywed
        are hosting a
        beach party at Malibu
        that they spent nearly $40,000
        and the location is nearby their
        brand new
        $2,000,000 malibu home.

        That you guys bought for
        them! It's
        the truth. And meanwhile you guys
        to read what I just wrote and most likely don't feel
        so good about

        Sorry Guys! I wish I
        would off come
        across this message b

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