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  • uss_muliphen uss_muliphen Jun 13, 2013 4:00 PM Flag

    NORX's Sister Stock....POLR

    POLR 52 Week Low.......was 2 cents, the Yahoo chart for POLR shows 75 cants, BUT that is not for 52 weeks, it's only for 6 months. Anyhow they managed to pump up NORX's sister to $6.25, NOW SEC halted because of guessed it a pump-scam.

    Newbies in the stock market, or, the naive are sucked into these type of situations all the time, this is not by any means, a new or unique tactic to fleece the "believers". And once they get their hooks into the "believers" it is very difficult to extract them.....hooks.

    Like a jilted lover, they just do NOT want to face up to the reality.....the truth.

    They lied to me ?

    Unbelievable !

    They would do that to me.....just to make a profit ?

    What is this world coming to ?

    But, there is one consolation......this garbage has been going on since the day the first stock ever traded hands.

    So suckers abound in this scanario, always have, and always will.

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    • WOW ! POLR from $5.75 at halt, to as low as 20 CENTs, not as bad as I thought it would be, I thought maybe 1 CENT ......or less.

      Exact same type of pump as NORX, mass mailing of pump brochures to the neophytes of the world......and there are PLENTY of them !

    • sigma10 Jun 13, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

      It is no a sister dtock. Where did uou get that from. You just made it up to scare people. Everyone should do their dd. I dont like nrx but this is just lying

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      • What's lying ?

        They're both strictly pump/hype stocks.

        Show proof otherwise.

        Both companys paid a publisher to mail out BS pump brochures, that is right now why the SEC halted trading in POLR stock to investigate them.

        I personally, as well as many many others got them in the mail about a week ago......that is why the ALL OF A SUDDEN action, and price rise in the stock.

        And that is also why now the stock is in the process of the DUMP phase.

        The stock is now speaking loud and clear what is going on.

        This is a two penny stock........UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE, and proof does not mean, rumors, storys, and hype.

        Show actual RESULTS !

        Presently it is absolutely nothing but TALK.

        And TALK alone.....does not justify a $47 MILLION DOLLAR market cap.

    • well not sure all that true, but we should find out next friday right? that is quick...

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