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  • jbpsb1 jbpsb1 Oct 26, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    We all have an ethical and moral obligation to spread the word about what SeaWorld is trying to hide

    Each of us who watched "Blackfish" and those that did not but know the story, need to tell everyone we know and meet about what SeaWorld is and sadly has been doing, for decades, not years but DECADES.

    Since SeaWorld refuses to make any public comment about their rationalization that it's perfectly OK, that the kidnapped Orcas are safe and happy in tiny concrete pens for years and years, that their live span is the same as in the wild, another bold faced lie/corporate propaganda, where they live happy free lives at more than twice what captivity and torture produce understandably.

    We all need to get the word out so that SeaWorld too feels the pain not unlike the pain they inflict daily on their "meal tickets" by having fewer and fewer visitors spending less and less money to unknowingly watch noble, innocent Orcas live lives of misery so SeaWorld and Blackstone executives can bask in Multi million dollar incomes.

    Loss of income is the only thing that will get their attention so let's spread the word by telling all what is reality so we can get the badly needed change to take effect ASAP.

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