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  • jbpsb1 jbpsb1 Oct 26, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    Where is Blackstone's Response?

    They are a hugely successful investor in SeaWorld who apparently is hiding behind the SeaWorld strategy of complete silence. No comment at all. Why? Is it because they got caught up in a major investment that just went public without realizing the entire operation is built around kidnapping and torture of the main "Attraction" I.e. Magnificent Orca whales kidnapped from their families, denied food in order to entertain and this is absolutely the worst, forced to spend hours and hours warehoused in tiny concrete pens so small they are unable to do anything but stare straight ahead.

    In my opinion, they are silent because there are no good answers..and they are starting to panic just like the SeaWorld CFO, slimy and unethical as they come, explaining a mysterious decline in visitors on the "weather" during the peak summer months.

    The handwriting is on the wall. Let's all push to free these noble animals before more torture is allowed in the name of making money..

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    • irchawaii Oct 28, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

      SeaWorld did respond with 8 assertions that were completely off-point. Blackstone is certainly weighing options. The problem is that the Blackfish dcumentary has captured the public imagination and turned "cool" to "cruel" for SeaWorld..
      Blackfish will remain in high rotation at CNN due to their strongest film ratibgs ever.
      SeaWorld presence at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Rose parades will keep the issue front and center.
      Social media adds another dimension to factors preventing the issue from "blowing over".
      TV and movie awards season with near-certain nomibations for Best TV Documentrary and Best Film Documentary will provide a global audience of 1BN+ and the Hollywood crowd the kind of issue they love love love. You couldn't script it our any better/worse.
      Blackstone spends a lot of time and $ on its image as a responsible, caring citizen.
      They have an opportunity right now to take a global leadership position on the humane treatment of anumals in captivity by creating a sanctuaries that can separately house orcas, dolphins, belugas, and others. That is what Blackfish Producer Gabriela Coperthwait is calling for as a solution.
      Blackstone is smart, they care, and this is a viable solution which will address the problem, defuse the issue, and turn Blackfish from a PR problem to a benefit for all parties concerned.
      What do you think?

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      • i think, the defenseless sea world, and the blackstone profitless model...

        is costly to change

        and with a PE of 35 +

        seas hardly has any room for "changes" in their biz model.

        seas is going to drop like the orcas,they slit their bellies and filled with rocks , and sunk to the ocean floor, the day they stole tilikum from his family... that is what blackstone owns, and the public is learning

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