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  • gastester gastester Aug 23, 2005 6:51 PM Flag


    Things are moving along here quite well for us "oilfield trash" up here in the "boonies". The boys with the state seem to be taking a slow approach to allowing full release--some people that i talked to are somewhat worried about what is going to become of the solid waste generated by this new process. it is my understanding that it is to be heated, compacted, and put into containers for shipment to some other facility--where, i do not know. as to this cole fella, whoever he is, his statement about 4,000 barrels a day is probably accurate--but--- the guys up here are operating 8 to 10 hours a day. they are still trying to hire and train production crews before they can even attempt 24/7. as to propane power generation? most if not all of the rigs operating here are using diesel fuel--in a few cases gasoline. we use diesel on our place out here in the boonies. reason being that there is a fuel recirculation line back to the fuel tanks crossing in close proximity to the exhaust manifolds to pre-heat the fuel in the tanks to keep it from jelling. check out the btu content in a gallon of lng versus gas or diesel, and you will see that propane was not a good choice. i hope it is only temporary. regards, gastester

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    • Skull--i would be interseted in knowing where, and how. also, and this is hot off the press--"the wyoming oil and gas conservation commission has approved 10-acre down hole spacin for 12,700 acres of its mesa unit of the pinedale anticline. Originally, the spacing approved was 40 acres which translated to 235 wells on questar's leases alone--with 10 acre spacing this becomes 932 wells". Quite a revelation don't you think?

    • Gastester,

      Your input is greatly appreciated and I want to TRY to contribute. I would be considered a heavy trader with very good access to top- notch research. I stumbled onto NR by eliminating many other possible investments.

      I cleared out of all my DVN and 90% of my CHK
      but felt it important to have a new item item
      that could have a very high growth potential because Growth is the name of the game.

      LIFC previously fit that description (and still does, but I felt it got a little too rich) it was a $5 stock with puny earnings but had the growth characteristics the market loves to see. Presently my top picks are NR and KFRC.

      Should you want to have a particular stock researched, by all means let me know and be assured I'll do the best I can.

      Thanks. Slim

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      • Here we go. check out ---miratech emission solutions--- this company, although small, has been working with shell to put scr (selective catalytic reduction) units on their diesel engines powering their drilling rigs. these guys are claiming a reduction of 70/90 percent nox emissions using their equipment.. each unit is estimated at about $110,000 per engine. every rig that i know of runs at least three diesel engines of about 1,000 hp. Each. this equates to about $300,000 per rig. with whats going on up here, do you think this company would be worth looking at ??? Many thanks, gastester p.s. There will be approximately 75 rigs up here by spring. how about maintenance and support services? might be something worth looking at.

      • Sorry to call you al--- i was talking to one of my techs while typing---sorry again--gastester

      • Appreciate the offer of research. i will take you up on that as days go by. in answer to dont drop yourshorts, most companies use the extended aereation approach ( a sludge pit that they evaporate using sprays etc.)--some have tried reinjection by drilling shallow wells (very costly, messy, and inefficient.)--some truck to waste oil reclamation facilities (veeery expensive.) if nr can get this moving at a constant recovery rate, they will save everyone expense, improve efficiency by reducing the amount of flocs and additives used in converting waste to potable standards. what they have in mind for the the solids, i do not know. if they can come up with a way to reuse it for asphalt etc. Would be tremendous. thanks again al. regards, gastester..

    • What is the current method of getting rid of produced water there? Are they putting it in tankers and hauling it out or do they spray or something? Does every producer have a different method, or does Wyoming require centralization?

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