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  • garoseme garoseme Aug 19, 2010 1:05 PM Flag

    Was your investment in NR what you expected?

    Thank you. Hope to be able to state the same a month from now

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    • anything is possible for sure.

      In my opinion this is a potential big stock.

      They showed during the last market upcycle 05-08 in NA that they are now a serious player and were ready to take share, they did that very successfully.

      Now they are a serious competitor in the drilling fluids business on a stand alone basis but they have a new product that could make this a big stock.

      If your unfamilar they have a water based drilling fluid that is much cheaper to use than the traditional oil-based drilling fluids currently in use.

      It is cheaper to use b/c it is cheaper to dispose of because less envir issues.

      When they introduced this product in hayensville their mkt share surged, and they are introducing it in other shale plays currently.

      If this fluid proves to be successfull beyond the hayensville shale, they will become a serious threat to the three companies who currently dominate the mkt.

      In all likelyhood one of them will buy them, but you never know, maybe a bidding war will start.

      It is possible that these guys have built a better mouse trap, we shall see.

      If they have then this is a home run, if not it just a slightly undervalued stock,

      Great Risk/Reward.

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