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  • chemistmed chemistmed Jul 6, 2011 7:17 AM Flag

    **Research Shows Botox Migrates To Brainstem **

    It has now discovered that the toxic chemical in Botox when injected into muscles prevents neurons from releasing the Meurotransmitter called Acetylcholine interferring with the nerve impluses and thus Paralyzing the muscles which is exactly what the Botox treatment does to patients.This is not good news for the many people who inject this chemical into their facial muscles as any substance that reaches the Brainstem is very harmful as the injections are a repeated requirement for Botox patients.One must remember Botulinal Nwurotoxin is the #2 most Poisonous chemical compound and the same chemical used in Botox.Will be interesting what business decisions the manufacturers of these dangerous drugs will do now that Laviv has been FDA approved.

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    • Mr. Mukenaki, your weakness -- some would call it ignorance -- in the inner workings of science and business, is your Achilles heel and taints your status as: "the self-anointed, ten stone GURU of inconsequence".

      Do you know the real story of how BOTOX was approved by the FDA for wrinkle treatment?
      Let me give you a clue: it was a process similar to another recent Allergan serendipitous product, that is, Lattise -- the only product approved for eyelash growth -- FDA approved: December 2010.

      You need to expand your breadth, depth and scope of KNOWLEDGE, Sir, because I am not the only one seeing your "poseur" neon underwear exposed in public, mes ami.

    • For you well needed edification, I provide this information:

      BOTOX® is currently approved in approximately 80 countries for 21 different indications to help patients worldwide suffering from such serious or debilitating conditions as cervical dystonia, blepharospasm, strabismus, increased muscle stiffness in elbow, wrist, and finger muscles in adults with upper limb spasticity and symptoms of severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) when medicines on the skin (topical) do not work well enough and the preventative treatment of headaches in adult patients with Chronic Migraine (≥15 or more days per month with headaches lasting four hours a day or longer. Millions of patients worldwide have been treated therapeutically with BOTOX® over the course of nearly 20 years, and Allergan is honoring its commitment to these patients through the provision of quality product, patient and physician education, and the continued pursuit of novel neurotoxin-based therapeutics. In the United States, BOTOX® is currently being investigated for the treatment of other medical conditions.

      So you are trying to convince WORLD that the very same FDA that approved FCSC's laViv is wrong in approving Botox for all the attached indications?
      Wouldn't that be the "height of absurdity"?

      Is this the same BOTOX you folks are maligning here on FCSC's message board?
      Well, it seems to me, that you folks have your head in the sand and you "nether regions" stuck in the air.
      That is why you don't realize that the more you try to bash "the most famous and successful brand on Planet Earth" AGN's stock goes up while FCSC's stock price become more flaccid, eh.
      You folks need to get educated and wiser.
      Posting lies turns off potential "intelligent investors" and, hurt your cause because the folks you are trying to win over knows more than you do. Have you noticed how trading volume is drying up?
      A very, very bad symptom of trouble waters ahead "friends".

      ***This is ignorance magnified to the nth degree***.
      Amazing... so amazing...

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      • ****Spliff: "So you are trying to convince WORLD that the very same FDA that approved FCSC's laViv is wrong in approving Botox for all the attached indications?
        Wouldn't that be the "height of absurdity"?"

        The "height of absurdity" is you not being able to see that a drug approved for some clinical condition may not be suitable for some other condition. Botox may be good for alleviating a number of conditions but its toxicity should/will limit its use for the beauty application.

        And, it's the height of absurdity for the like of you to sit here and make up lies about laViv (e.g., it causes cancer, it's a derma filler. it works for only six months, etc.), an absolute safe and efficaceous treatment for wrinkles that lasts years (see link below) while promoting a dangerous product like Botox that may last a few months.

        ****spliff: "Well, it seems to me, that you folks have your head in the sand and you "nether regions" stuck in the air."

        That's a statement applicable directly to yourself and your potty-mouthed cohort like dewdiligence/froy99_99, fibroscam/zerodrugs2market and others who plague this board with their multiple aliases.

        The FDA rarely withdraws a drug already approved for a condition but the blackbox warning that they slapped on Botox is a strong statement from them about the use of it for a non-clinical condition such as wrinkle removal. Patients should and will heed that. NJ banned Botox use for minors as seen here:

        And, does anyone want death or a lifetime of pain just for temporarily erasing a few wrinkles as mentioned in the below article from the OC Register, a publication in Orange County, the home of Allergan about a lawsuit where Allergan was fined 15M$?
        Chester (the lawyer for the case) said he hopes the Oklahoma verdict “will get the word out that people should be more careful about using Botox. Anyone who has been hurt by Botox may now have the courage to come forward,” he said.
        His next Botox-related trial will be the case of Sondra Bryant of Texas, a 70-year-old nurse who died in 2008 after injections to ease her neck pain, he said. That trial is scheduled to begin in Santa Ana in the fall, he said.

      • You company AGN already paying more than $1 Billion in Lawsuits recently is at some point going to be Non Insurable and then lets see if they contine to sell Botox.You were wrong about LaVIV not being FDA approved and again on many issues.Financing will be alot easier to get being FDA approved than before approval for this company and thats a fact.Tell your company to produce a Safer product or keep getting sued.Laviv is the safest on the market that dont contain dangerous Chemicals.

    • Research is still ongoing as rported in the Journal of Science that shows the chemical does travel from injection site to the Brainstem in about 3 days and remains in the central nervous system for a long time as it gets replenished with additional injections of Botox.Could this explain the Bizare behavior in botox patients as one scientist explains as stated you must be a Neanderthal to think their are no serious consequences for injecting botulinal neurotoxin into ones system. This chemical is considered a category A biothreat agent and is treated as toxic.As one person stated is it time for an Investigation into this drug now as they failed to mention these findings when the drug was approved.You can only imagine Laviv will be addressing these issues for patients who are still injecting these types of drugs with-out being told Laviv is Natural and dont contain very harmful chemicals and works just as well if not better.

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      • As per the reseach results it won't be very long before the news about this becomes published in cosmotology magazines as I'am sure the general public has not been aware of these findings.I can't imagine anyone injecting these highly toxic chemicals unless it was for medical reasons to save their life from Dying,no other excuse to use them.Laviv being developed with their side effects minimal should have no problem in this market that is really opening themselves up to substancial Lawsuits.Using your own Fibroblast cells is about as safe as a person can get the treatment they need for facial wrinkle enhancement.Still waiting to see effects on patients liver after using Botix as 4x per year as many patients do as mentioned.Fibrocell has the right idea and patent protection for years to come.