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  • spliff4joy spliff4joy Jul 6, 2011 12:45 PM Flag

    **Research Shows Botox Migrates To Brainstem **

    Please get your facts right and quit exaggerating.
    Sir, "your ignorance and lack of due diligence" astounds me.
    Allergan had a major lawsuit pending against the
    FDA for the fact that, the FDA was holding AGN responsible for promoting off label use of Botox in the treatment of migraine -- and a sundry of other "free speech communication related issues".
    I will admit that: AGN appears to be a very "aggressive and extremely competent marketer" of all it's products -- which I think many investors find most attractive about the company.

    However; not published, but understood by "most knowledgeable observers: AGN and the FDA struck a deal last fall -- a silent "quid pro quo", if you will.

    Folks suspect that: AGN agreed to vacate all legal actions against the FDA and, pay a one time $600 million fine / settlement "in return for approval of the proven efficacy of BOTOX for migraine".
    AGN's management wisely accepted the deal and, shortly thereafter the FDA approved BOTOX for the treatment of migraine.

    You can carp about this deal until the cows come home; however, the deal was ultimately justified because: it was in the best interest of AGN's shareholders.

    In fact, AGN's stock rose on the heels of this announced settlement, as investors celebrated the long term financial implications for Allergan's "storied BOTOX Franchise".

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    • They lost Jackazz,just like they are going to with FCSC.I JUST BOUGHT TODAY.

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      • Oops... me think: you've first have to wake up to "REALITY", before you can step up to it, eh..
        You can't control the truth by just dismissing the facts, in such a willy nilly fashion, Sir.

        If you commit to such a course -- as an investor -- then you will pay a very steep price because: the Market's ability to ignore the plunging FCSC stock price will "outlast" it's ability to remain solvent and; even more important: THE LIMITS OF YOUR EXPOSED CAPITAL.

        So... keep whistling past the OBVIOUS warning signs and; let's see who will be crowned: "THE KING OF JACKAZZES".
        We will make you a"wonderful crown" out of that "sack of DUNG" you will received at the end of the FCSC Rainbow...