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  • spliff4joy spliff4joy Jul 6, 2011 3:37 PM Flag

    **MAYDAY** MAYDAY**Watchout BELOW***

    Your FCSC boat is taking on gobs of water!!!
    You have a few minutes before we put the **kybosh**
    on the trading day.

    Heads uo people!

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    • Now I know botox has gone to your brain.Your just one example.I knew this short would lose it.

    • "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley."

      We are on a "RELENTLESS" course my investing friends:
      you can still pull your ripcord and, get to safety at this point.
      Don't worry pulling the ripcord when you are; .50 ft
      from the ground, eh... it will be like jumping from the frying pan into the 'fiya', eh...

      Happy investing... whatever your choice...

    • BAIL OUT!!!!!!!

    • When the "Bear-man" comet, he will take no prisoners!

      What a "Bear" of a day my fellow investors.
      I don't know about all 'a 'yawl' but, I've never hung around long enough, that I get mauled by the "bugbear".
      I usually bail out at the first inkling of any change in fundamentals.
      Capital preservation is key my fellow investors.

      All "exposed capital" is fair game to the "BEAR-man"; he spares nobody...

    • This FCSC idea is not going to have a happy ending for non of you longs.
      You better cut your losses and "hightail it safety".
      Save what capital you can, while you can and, learn the lesson of a bad investing idea and just move on.


    • ****spliff; "If what you claim is true then...
      ...where is the BIG money poring in to BUY FCSC?"

      All the facts I gave about cell growing technique, laViv technology and boomer aging are true. Do you dispute them?

      My "opinion" based on those facts is that laViv will "eventually" be a commercial success. But until laViv gets on the market and starts generating revenue, that is an unproven opinion. As such, it can also turn out false!

      Your opinion about the commercialization of laViv is clearly opposite to mine as you think laViv will be a failure. Perhaps like fibonacci, you have not considered my set of facts and still think about the old problems with the commercialization of Isolagen? The truth or falsity of your opinion will also be tested with the commercialization of laViv.

      As I said, the difference between my opinion and yours is what makes investing interesting. It's about who sees the future correctly.

      ****Spliff: "I am totally flummoxed, confused and confounded -- all at once!"

      This is not a surprise. You have shown only superficial understanding of the science and the issues, good and bad, behind laViv and the products that you often touted, the toxin Botox and the artificial fillers like Juvederm and others. You should reread my posts replying to your strawman arguments. Better, follow the reference links that I gave in support of those posts and learn the true facts about laViv and the other products yourself.

      Investing in biotech starts with learning the science, its application and the potential market. Do that well and you may have the conviction in your knowledge to withstand the common "flummoxed, confused and confounded" state of not understanding why others would not see what you see. I bought DNDN and HGSI when many others left them to death because I knew that their science was solid and the markets for those drugs were huge!

      I bought FCSC before the FDA decision because I thought laViv would be approved while most people did not think so. I was correct on that. However, I did not foresee the conversion of the preferred shares and its effect on the stock price. My opinion is that this artificial financial engineering effect will dissipate when the fundamentals catch up.

      On the other hand, given what I see in the science and the potential market, I believe that laViv will be successful even if investors are still confused like you today about the financial engineering stuff. So I have more than doubling by position during this weakness of the stock price. Time will tell if I am right.

    • WHOA!!
      This FCSC stock has lost it's way and, is now drifting down to unexpected territory.
      It is getting "scarier" with no mews, no cash and so many bills to be paid.

      Things are so bad, that "pumpers" and "penny traders" are recycling old stuff from two months ago.
      Those guys are worn out from the effort of trying to breath life in to this FCSC patient that's **comatose**.

      Good luck to **all a' yawl'** who still believe in the **FCSC-Titanic**!

    • Folks are "throwing in the towel" - whether this is the final capitulation, I can 't tell at this moment but, today's steep downward move is extremely distressing".

      I would sure hate to be the last guy out, or the one left behind holding the last "sack of dung"...

    • Another down day...

    • Once again as spliff4joy sits in his palacial mansion overlooking monterey bay he has nothing but generosity in his heart along with the welfare of the poor misguided peons who have invested in FCSC. I picture him as one of the big-dik-headed aliens in the pilot episode of star trek. Thinking with his bulbous water-head brain more and more BULLSHIT to post to save his poor misguided MENAGERIE who invested in FCSC from themselves. Remember everyone he has only YOUR welfare and best interests at heart....GOD BLESS YOU JACKASS for caring soooooo damn much via ancient history inane ramblings.You are truly a humanitarian and douche-bag of TITANIC proportions

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