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  • silvermind43 silvermind43 Aug 10, 2011 9:33 PM Flag

    Skin Cells Turned Into Brain Cells Technology

    I posted this earlier tonight and would appreciate comments.Their is ongoing research at different Institutes and reseach facilities using skin cells and reprograming them into brain cells.The patents Fibrocell hold and are exclusive in growing skin cell (Fibroblasts) technology which these labs need to licence to grow these cells on a wider range for injecting on a larger scale for ALZHEIMERS disease and other disorders in the brain cavity to transmit signals from cells to neurons in these patients.One of the Institutes are making great progress in this research and you can read about their progress at ( just enter skin cells in the article area and go to the left page and click on SKIN CELLS TURNED INTO BRAIN CELLS ARTICLE.Other research is ongoing for using skin cells for Muscles and even that involving the Heart.When I spoke with Public Relations I talked about this topic with her and she stated they are aware of this as they could licence out their technology as long as the end result don't interfere with the dermatology aspect of Fibrocells business.After spending $175 Million on this technology one would believe this technology is at least worth that figure and that would equate to about $1.20 per share.Safe money as I now believe the investors that just in $23 Million a few weeks ago knew this was a option and the technology is very valuable.This is all patented technology for many years to come.Cell science is the near and distant future for medicine as we all are aware of at this point.

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