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  • dmesshian dmesshian Aug 21, 2011 6:12 PM Flag

    Get 7 Botox Injections Compared to 1 Laviv Injection.

    Touting LaViv's long lasting effects despite FDA approval, says it is only a 6 month treatment, makes you; as a HUGE stockholder of an FCSC stock that's tanking, a "major biased and compromised messenger".

    Promoting LaViv as a treatment that lasts for upwards of 7 years, is not a BIG plus for this product as you might believe.
    Among a majority of the cognoscenti "facial aesthetic" industry veterans and insiders, this claim raises all kinds of "red flags", if you will.

    Long lasting facial aesthetic treatments should be avoided on "aging middle-age faces". If you understood anything about "facial aesthetics", long lasting treatments on an aging face can be a "major disaster" because such treatments are irreversible and could be ruinous to a middle age patient/customer's life. You are actually telling patients and doctors to run from a potential Laviv "facial aesthetic disaster".

    The ignorance of the "science and intricacies of facial aesthetics" by the pumpers on this message board absolutely astonishes me!
    Your message board "guru" have you all misinformed, as well as misguided.

    No wonder this FCSC stocks keeps tanking despite you intensified "pumping" effort.

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    • and your posting just bodes to your ignorance of the therapy!

      laviv ages with the face, your other "fillers' do not. if you know anything about this therapy you will know that laviv improves skin quality, when you improve skin quality you improve the dermis of the skin. the elasticity of the skin is what diminishes in the aging patient. when you improve the skin dermis you improve the patients ability to hold fat (volume) in place.

      when you inject with synthetic fillers you do not improve the dermis of the skin. therefore the skin dermis continues to lose elasticity as we age, and the synthetic long term injectables, such as artecol drag down along with the outer dermis. creating an unnatural look.

      i suggest you do a little more reading on the technology to appropriatly address the issues.

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