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  • dmesshian dmesshian Aug 25, 2011 12:23 PM Flag

    Get 7 Botox Injections Compared to 1 Laviv Injection.

    The "economics" and the established purchasing tendencies of the customers in this "facial aesthetics market sector" will never be changed by a product like LaViv.
    It is too pricey from the perspective of any knowledgeable facial aesthetic business insider.

    Heck, Laviv couldn't even keep it's original marketing concern -- ISOLAGEN -- solvent. It went "belly-up" in BK 2 years ago and spawned the current FCSC with a way less experienced ceo than Isolagen's CEO, N.Teti.

    Mr. Teti, a proven marketing guru, in his own right, came to Isolagen with much more experience and "gravitas" than the current rookie CEO at FCSC.

    This Laviv product and FCSC stock isn't going anywhere, except for the occasional "DEAD CAT BOUNCE", when the "day traders and penny traders" do their occasional bottom feeding rounds.

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    • embarassing yourself, this is the greatest bargain ever, your own fibroblast cells, longer lasting natural replacement, and once your cell cultures are in the lab, you can continue using and expanding your natural beauty. revolutionary, do some DD. the market would pay $25,000 for this treatment, bargain basement pricing. in a couple years botox will fade away ---