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  • dmesshian dmesshian Aug 25, 2011 9:08 PM Flag


    So many lies being promoted as facts by message board gurus to "ignorant masses" who accept the professional prevaricators messages without question.

    Reid, there is nothing natural about LaViv. So quit spreading lies! It only hurts your cause and turn potential investors off!
    LaViv could never obtain the "Whole Foods" natural stamp of approval.
    First off, LaViv is grown in a bovine "based collagen solution".
    Everything after the sample is taken is performed in a laboratory.What's natural about the LaViv growth media that is a highly sterilized "bovine collagen in solution"?

    One of the major issues for FCSC's progenitor, Isolagen, during the European distribution, was the fact that some of the folks receiving LaViv had positive allergic responses to the "bovine in the formulation".
    It became a HUGE mess and a situation that was "unexpected" by the Isolagen R&D folks.

    The Brits, in a somewhat macabre humor, referred to the LaViv recipients as "guinea pigs" because LaViv was rushed to Market and created a weird "Dr. Strangelove" -- if you will -- type situation. There were so many problems in Europe that the insurance company settled the "class action lawsuit" and Isolagen hastily closed shop and high-tailed it back to PA.

    As I've stated before, the only "wrinkle filler" that has earned the right to be labeled "all natural" is "Allergan's human collagen".
    Human collagen and hyaluronic acid fillers, requires no skin tests and classify as more "Whole Foods style natural" than LaViv. These products too are grown in labs too, but they are purified and free of chemicals.
    Heck, soccer Moms, can safely get their Botox and Juvederm during their lunch breaks.
    This convenience plus reasonable cost, will never be available with the cumbersome and protracted LaViv process.

    The reason why it takes so many months to get the final LaViv product is -- I would wager -- that folks has to go through tests for allergic reactions to all the chemicals and preservatives.

    Ironically, LaViv, is the most "unnatural" of the products on the aesthetic facial market!

    LaViv is a "Dinosaur" from the Pleistocene Era!
    Oops, Dinosaurs weren't around during the Pleistocene.