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  • dmesshian dmesshian Sep 7, 2011 5:55 PM Flag

    LaViv's 3600/4000$$ - Extortionately Expensive**

    The trading volume is, perhaps, an indication of future demand for Laviv.
    At these "extortionately expensive" prices there will not be any demand to crow about folks..
    Take heed you "FCSC-Laviv" devotees.
    Seems like new investors are sniffing, and then taking a pass of FCSC?

    The lack of demand is telling all a' yawl' something and you better read the "tea leaves".
    This dog ain't gonna hunt for 'you's'.
    As that ol' saw goes: this FCSC-dog is a turkey in disguise.

    This malaise is an indication that something is "inherently wrong" with this FCSC idea, and I know lots "you's' are thinking along the same lines, but you dare not utter a word.
    But let me advise you to stay at the ready, 'cause when the race to exit begins, you better be ready to bail, so you don't get left with the sack o' dung.

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