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  • zencowboe zencowboe Aug 26, 2011 2:06 AM Flag

    Your wife will want LaViv over Botox

    Look, its a clear choice between a poison with known side-effects vs. your own natural body cells.

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    • Sir "Guru", your insults are really not bothersome to me.
      In fact, I find them rather amusing. My purpose is to get the "undisputed truth" out so my 'esteemed" fellow investors are excellently informed to make "rational" and intelligent judgements, "sir".

      In that case I am taking it on the chin so to speak so that others capital will be safe.

      With that said, I am ready for your next volley of insults, mes ami, eh.

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      • demessyone: "My purpose is to get the "undisputed truth" out"

        You wouldn't know the truth if it stares at you. Your latest lie is that it takes months to manufacture laViv because patients have to be tested for allergic reactions. The truth is that no test was ever needed in all the trials that led to the FDA approval.

        demessyone: "In that case I am taking it on the chin"

        LOL. You have a chin? Would never have expected that from a guy with no integrity and no respect for the truth like you.

        Now listen. If you thought that something I wrote in that post that you replied to was false, including calling you a liar, why don't you state what the facts are instead of weaseling around it?

    • Sir, I've always known this message is a "pumpers paradise"!
      However, please be advised that when the pumping stops, the "TRUTH-OUTS", and as you know: the TRUTH wears no disguise and is "incontrovertible".

      So pump on!

    • Dude, I can see why you are the "GURU" and "pumper in chief" of this FCSC message board, that got all these "CHICKEN HEADS" caught in this "grizzly bear-trap" bleeding precious capital.

      You have developed a skillful style of mixing truth with a few facts just enough to confuse and distract.

      FACT: Yes, you are correct about the manufacturing process of human collagen. But your sincerity stops there pal.
      You implanted a mis-informative QUOTE that: "Allergan use to produce collagen were from some unknown people."
      Sir, you are either ignorant or you are a compulsive prevaricator. You know the FDA would've never approved human collagen with such a shoddy process, involving anonymity of tissue donors. What I've gathered from a friend involved in research at Stanford University, is that, the donor or donors, are known but their identities are held in secret for obvious reasons.
      Rumor has it that the donors where all new born babies from heavily pre-screened mothers.
      Allergan's human collagen requires no skin test and is 100% safe. It is shipped and used worldwide.
      Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast: FDA approved in 2004 enjoyed a perfectly safe and problem free track record, unlike that of Laviv in the European theatre.

      Beside it’s marketing and failures and efficacy in Europe, LaViv was “extortionately expensive” and you have a classic domino effect of removal of product from market, “class action lawsuit” and bankruptcy for Isolagen; all in succession for FCSC’s progenitor.

      Ironically, Mr. N. Teti, presided over the successful development, approval and marketing of human collagen as CEO of Inamed Corp.
      Sadly, Mr. Teti was reigning CEO of Isolagen during the initial launch of Laviv in Europe; certainly no fault of his own, because he came on board during the initial testing phase and the R&D perhaps wasn’t as strong, professional and thorough, as what he had at Inamed.
      Talk about from the zenith to nadir…

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      • Spliff/demessyone, you are not just a bald headed liar as shown here on many occasions, you are also a good candidate for the Darwin award.

        The point about the fibroblasts used by Allergan to make collagen is that they are foreign, ie, unknown, to all patients, hence they cannot be transplanted. Get it now?

        Now if you bald head had any brain in it, you would have been able to reason out from the Allergan's description of their collagen manufacturing process that the byproducts of growing fibroblasts are collagen and hyaluronic acid.

        What does that mean for FCSC? It means they could collect those products for each patient while growing their fibroblasts and used them as personalized filler on special occasions or in personalized skin care. That is, once a patient establishes a relation with FCSC, they will never need any foreign fillers or toxin for wrinkle treatment anymore. Understand the future of skin care and of FCSC yet?

      • LOL-if this is a failure using your own cells then allergan is certainly a failure,and, as this outlasts any known treatment it will probably end up being the lowest cost, best results, least side effects, get the picture

    • LaViv is cultured and grown in a "sterilized bovine collagen in solution". The bovine laced, injectable final product caused allergic reactions in some patients/customers in Europe. This means it will require a skin test for allergic reaction.

      There is nothing "natural" about the manufacturing of this "highly processed" tissue culture.
      In fact, I would contend that it is the least "natural" of all wrinkle filler treatments.
      Why do you think it is such a protracted process lasting 4 to 6 months just to get to the injectable treatment.
      This process and ingredients will never past muster with the "Whole Foods Market" all natural standards.

      Allergan's "human collagen" is the closest product to the "all natural" label, and next is hyaluronic acid. They require no skin test and are as easy as going to WalMart, or drive through.

      Parroting some guru's "natural mantra", does not make your thoughtless "natural" utterance true.
      This is not religion, nor mindless emotionalism it is all about science.
      You better get with it, dawg.

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      • spliff4joy/demessian: "Allergan's "human collagen" is the closest product to the "all natural" label, and next is hyaluronic acid."

        Do you know how Allergan's human collagen is manufactured? Here is what Allergan says:

        Where do these products come from and how they are made?

        The process begins with human dermal fibroblasts, which are the cells in the lower layer of skin (dermis) that make collagen. The cells are grown in a controlled laboratory environment, so that they behave as if they were in the human body. As the cells grow, they produce natural collagen. When the growth process is complete, the natural collagen is separated from the tissue and purified for injection.

        The fibroblasts that Allergan use to produce collagen were from some unknown people so they would cause severe allergic reaction if transplanted. That's why they have to isolate and purify the collagen to use as a filler. Excess collagen is naturally removed by the human body. That's why a treatment with Allergan's Cosmoderm or Cosmoplast does not last more than a few months at best. It's also expensive and potentially harmful for patients to have to repeat these treatments every few months to keep their look.

        laViv bypasses the entire process by growing patients' own fibroblasts then re-inject them. These cells then reintegrate to the patient's skin structure and produce both collagen and hyaluronic acid along with other growth factors to rejuvenate the skin. Because they are live cells, they also divide and reproduce themselves for long period of time. That's why the natural youthful wrinkle-free look conferred by a laViv treatment lasts for years.

        As patients' own cells, laViv is the most natural of all wrinkle remover products. The FDA themselves said that it was safe when they approved it.

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