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  • jillbloes jillbloes Aug 31, 2011 11:12 AM Flag

    Volume is drying up, everyone holding tight onto shares

    Bashers are finding it harder to load up on shares.
    Spiffster is playing the Little Feat song "roll me another one".
    Surprised Jesse doesn't post here under his real name.
    What a putz.

    Hang tight longs. Bashers are becoming frustrated.
    They know what's coming and it ain't good for them.

    Just sit back and chill. Leave the bit-chin to them.
    P-iss on them with silence. This is gonna be fun.


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    • Your soo correct, accredited investors did not earn their millions by wasting their time creating noise via "stupid comments". You'll note that 85% of the comments bashing are losers with the same name and/or their aliases with about the amount of creativity or fact as what you would expect from that type of mind. Which I'm sure equates to the sum total of their IQ and Pocketbook.(aka Zero)

    • GSRE.PK

    • Hey, J.Bloes, I am going to recommend, that they take you off the payroll because your "pumping" is ineffective.
      Over-the-hill, porn stars have a "hard" time making the transition from film performer, to FCSC stock "pumper". I think you mis-read the job description, eh.
      It's too bad, Laviv didn't work on those deep wrinkles on your boobs.
      My advice to you is: get a little Botox and some Juvederm and you'll get a lot more 'bounce by the ounce", guaranteed for 9 to 12 months.
      And, most of all, you could resume your calling, and "follow your bliss", as a "film starlet" by next week, hun.
      I am just trying to give ya some helpful advice.
      But it's still nice to see as a major FCSC insider and stockholder.

    • Hey Jill, if what you say is true, then it follows that the FCSC "grizzly bear trap" would be sealed shut.
      And that would be the worst case scenario for you longs.
      Some of you "faithful longs" are down upwards of 75% since FDA approval of Laviv, and the resulting exodus of the "smart money" over 2-plus months ago.
      So prattle on while you hold onto your FCSC "sack o' dung".

      Have fun in the "pressure cooker" while the -- so called -- bashers watch the FCSC volcano "bloes" it's top soon, and the FCSC stock price settles at it's predictably lower levels.
      The "dilutive effect" of the recent financing deal is weighing heavily on the FCSC stock.
      The only obvious winners from that deal, are the folks who maintained their "high salaried" jobs.

      From the looks of it, you are the one who is "bloeing FCSC" smoke, my dear.

      Let's just face it, you and your fellow "suckers" to this FCSC-sham got hosed.

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