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  • mattster70 mattster70 Oct 5, 2011 10:36 AM Flag

    Summary of yesterday's call?

    Summary of yesterday's call?

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    • Ce n'est pas pour moi, Mssr. Reid.Rosenthal!
      I graciously decline your offer.
      You are obviously very emotional over being caught in that "Grizzly FCSC Bear Trap" being "Bear raided" day after day, eh.
      I FEEL your pain mon/mes ami!

      Personal wagering would take me off my adherence to a "resolute spiritual discipline" of "intelligent investing" that have served me, so well, on the path to success that -- at times -- seemed way beyond my wildest dreams.

      Let's just remain on opposite sides of this FCSC investment idea, and not cross boundaries into wagering, using "YOUR investing principles" of "bravado and emotionalism".
      My only goal is to be the best investor I can be; and not to compete, in "mano-a-mano" trifles with other investors.
      That would pervert the "raison d'etre". Wouldn't it?

    • So the "Discredited guru" is up to the same old lame ramblings.
      For YOU to talk up the FCSC pipeline is fine, but for a company that recently went through a round of 22.7 million$$$ and recently tripled its employees,(means more $$$$), the only game in town is to build a business around the one and only viable product -- Laviv over the next 3 to 5 years.

      Your short list,"bovine excrement", is just irrelevant, pal. Why don't YOU tell investors about the real issues regarding financing, and cash burn rate.
      Focus on substance like JC Moneystocks.

      Money is the lifeblood of a business and the reality is that Fibrocell will need another round of financing by mid-winter, or probably, no later than early spring.
      That is the "BIG pink neon elephant" in the room, and you missed it! So, how do YOU respond to the finance questions? YOU cannot just ignore that away? Will the stock be diluted a couple more times to finance operations.
      Ditch the list and get with the financing, pal.
      It is the ubiquitous, legendary Sword of Damocles hanging over FCSC.

      Get real dawg, and quit this silly and meaningless "bovine excrement" that is not even competent analytical work for a first semester MBA student.

      You get a generous (F+); the F = FAILURE to fulfill the minimal analytical standards of a first semester MBA student.
      The (+) means you get a reprieve to remain in the program conditionally.

      • 2 Replies to spliff4joy
      • Spliff4MORON Put your money where your mouth is. How much do you want to bet that fcsc PPS will be above $2 by May of 2012?

      • Spliff, The fact is that most readers can tell by the pattern of daily copious posts by your aliases, spliff4joy/demesshian/lebuitre, and that of your comrade, karenleroux/froy99_99/dewdiligence, what you two are about, relentless bashing by twisting facts and giving outright lies. More often than not you two resort to degenerate low level language to make your point, which also indicates the low class where you come from.

        This latest post of yours show something else, an obsessive personality with deep anger. Since I've done enough to establish what your value is to this board, I will now put all of your known aliases and that of dewdiligence on ignore. If you make up new ones just to get my attention, we'll know that my diagnosis is correct. Get help. Bye.

    • A short list of things that I jotted down:
      1. Natural personalized skin care with patient's own collagen will be introduced next year.
      2. Discussing with the FDA to finalize the design of the phase-3 trial for acne. Result expected in a few months.
      3. Already applied to the FDA for orphan status for restrictive burn scars. Result expected in 2-3 months.
      4. Working on an orphan status application for vocal cord scars.
      5. Scientific presentations at various key dermatology, cosmetic surgery conferences starting in Nov going well into next year.
      6. Three training sessions of doctors were held in San Diego, LA and New York, each with 10-15 doctors. So, about 40-50 doctors are now on board.
      6. Several more training sessions will be done, some along with the scientific conferences. Expecting about 200 hundreds doctors trained by next year.
      7. Since around Sept 15 (ie, 20 days ago) when the marketing of laViv started, 42 biopsies have been done.

      So they did roughly 14 biopsies a week with just a handful prescribing doctors (principle investigators in the previous trials) from a few centers. Even if some of the newly trained doctors have contributed, a conservative estimate rate of prescriptions from this early data would be around 2/doctor/week.

      When the 200 or so targeted doctors are on board, the number should ramp up quickly. Even taking a lower bound for the rate at 0.5/doctor/week or just one quarter of the early rate seen here, about 5000 biopsies can be done per year. If that demand is realized, short-term problem will be manufacturing constraint.

    • Dude, read all of jc.monystocks posts since yesterday pm, and you will get an eloquent analysis of the call.

      He seem to have -- uncharacteristically -- gotten a penchant for the "TRUTH", and he should be given credit for a brief brush of... lucidity?

      All of the other FCSC longs have become "spin-meisters"; circling the wagons, to protect themselves from the "bearish info" in the CC.
      CEO Pernock was extremely honest, and the reality of what was said is has quite sobering for FCSC longs.

      This is no Botox dethroning "rocket-ship", it will be at best a "POTENTIAL small niche player" in 3 to 5 years.