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  • subar59 subar59 Oct 7, 2011 7:15 AM Flag


    The paid basher non-stop posting under his aliases spliff / dmess / & lebuitre along with his lap-dawg karen ladouche want all investors to be educated before plucking down their hard earned capitol on FCSC. In typical basher fashion he repeatedly brings up old news and quotes one woman who wasn`t happy , all prior to FDA approval in the U.S. ( typical basher tactic ) . .
    As a new personal low he posts " BOO HOOO " in reference to the BLACK BOX WARNINGS issued to ALLERGAN/BOTOX by the F.D.A. after reported deaths and and life threatening injuries. What a TOTAL LACK OF CHARACTER to mock those who suffered those injuries after having BOTOX injections. YOU PAL ARE A LOW LIFE COMPLETELY DEVOID OF CHARACTER , it would behoove you to seek professional help for your lack of compassion and bash at any cost attitude. You can read more here about those unfortunate folks that spliffy chooses to mock :

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    • Dude, I have MUCH respect for the "socially responsible" hard working folks at Allergan who seem to get it right in all of their "mass market advertising".

      Please scroll down to the bottom of this latest add and see what "GREAT and Responsible Companies, like Allergan, do to inform the customer/patients -- the WORLD -- of risks associated with their products.

      There is not an iota of a hint of "under-the-table" PAYOLA to any blogging entities nor shady stuff, pal.

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      • If you were anymore transparent, you'd be invisible.

        Im sorry Laviv is going to put you out of business but thats the way it goes sometimes, pal.

      • SPLIFF/DMesshian/Lebutre: You just dug your own grave here pal by admitting you are affiliated with Alergan: Read on. Hopefully within the next year, you will see your name in Hick's Place.

        CHARLESTON, S.C., Sep 1, 2011 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Revolutions Medical Corporation (otcqb:RMCP) ("Revolutions Medical" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that today, the Company obtained an order from the South Carolina Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Common Pleas, finding that Philip Maurice "Marty" Hicks ("Hicks") is liable for defaming the Company, its Chief Executive Officer, Ron Wheet, and its President, Tom O'Brien, by engaging in a cyber-smear campaign.

        According to the Company's complaint, Hicks, aka Tazmanian353 or Taz, made a series of false and defamatory statements about the Company and its employees on Yahoo! Finance and Raging Bull message boards between January 2006 and September 2010, including that Mr. Wheet "lied in official documents" and made unspecified "fraudulent misleading statements," and the Company itself was a mere "shell company" without any legitimate operations that had registered "no patents." The complaint alleged that these statements were false and defamatory because, among other things, the Company owns valuable patents (either granted or pending) for its auto retractable safety syringe and certain medical imaging technology. The Company's Chief Executive Officer, Ron Wheet, described the order as a "great victory for our shareholders."

        The order was entered as a sanction against Hicks based on his refusal to give deposition testimony, answer interrogatories, produce documents or otherwise comply with his discovery obligations in the litigation.

        The Company also wishes to comment on pervasive short selling of its stock. As previously noted by Buyins.Net, a provider of Regulation SHO compliance monitoring and short sale trading statistics, approximately 17.36 million shares of the Company's stock have been shorted since August 2009, and short selling has comprised approximately 36% of daily trading volume. Although Hicks' evasive tactics prevented the Company from obtaining evidence in the litigation against him, other information possessed by the Company leads it to suspect that Hicks' message postings may be part of a "short and distort" campaign intended to injure the Company and its shareholders and to generate profits for short sellers. The Company has compelling evidence that Hicks communicated with short sellers and his postings were then used to perpetuate false information to the investment community.

        Based on entry of the order, the Company intends both to pursue monetary damages and file complaints with the South Carolina Attorney General's Office and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding possible violations of state and federal securities laws by Hicks and other short sellers.

    • Your abysmally low intellect, makes you "DOLTS" incapable of "critical thinking".
      So, I will be kind and simplify my response to the "unsophisticated pumper" and "his puppeteer", the over-rated, "guru of inconsequence".

      Botox has "saved and improved *millions* more lives" than the "alleged destruction" it has "wrought".
      I don't need to list the indications, BOTOX, Allergan's(AGN) "highly efficacious and miracle-neuromodulator" has been FDA approved to treat.
      Botox has been proven so efficacious, that it's "ignorant detractors, and most ardent critics", are left -- YES, as I have stated -- weeping into their Black Box Warnings.

      ****Anyone with access to the WEB can GOOGLE: "Allergan's -Botox, or FDA approval list for Botox", etc***and you will see the list of approval for this "highly efficacious miracle worker".
      Plus, the product is so safe for 99.9% of users that there are hundreds, HUNDREDS of off-label uses by doctors in numerous of specialties.
      Heck, it is being used to treat afflictions like; tennis elbow,(helping top pro and avid players resume successful careers); even dentists are using Botox to "successfully treat" certain chronic mandibular problems -- teeth grinding in sleep and many other problems.

      And on the heels of the "black box warning and $600 MIL settlement with the U.S Gov.", the FDA was placing finishing touches on the "APPROVAL of BOTOX for MIGRAINE" just a mere 3 months later in Oct. 2010.
      Investors celebrated and boosted AGN stock -- 10 to 15% -- on news of the $600 MIL settlement with the U.S. Justice Dept..
      GO figure, eh!

      Quit eating your own liver; "Mssr. Guru of Inconsequence", 'cause Botox will exceed "$2 BILLION" in sales next year. Put that in 'YAWLS' "bovine excrement pipes" and smoke it. You'll feel your stresses just... dissipate... it will clear your mind and set yawls' brain right.

      The TRUTH about Botox is just at "your own personal and private GOOGLE search away". You to will see these "nut-jobs charlatans" for what they are.
      I don't know about you, my esteemed fellow investors, but I would feel insulted by these "numbskulls" who try to feed you "pablum", as if you are "TOO STUPID" to find out on your own.
      This should put the "kibosh" on the credibility of the "GURU of Incompetence".

      • 1 Reply to dmesshian
      • WOW !!! spliff / dmass / lubeboy , You are without a doubt the most callous and arrogant low-life on the face of the earth!!!. Your ' CRITICAL THINKING " reply " IN KIND ' to the 16 dead and countless injured users of BOTOX that you mocked with "BOO HOOO " will be comforted by your compassionate response..... I`m sure they are as ecstatic and gleeful as you are that ALLERGANS stock rose 10-15% upon the settlement for their deaths and injuries. Lets not forget the most compassionate part of your venom laced tirade , that botox can now be used to treat tennis elbow , so that avid players can resume their careers. To spin that botox is 99.9% safe , as you once again mock these victims is unconscionable , even for someone as low as you !!! .....NOW ,saving the best for last you say " THIS SHOULD PUT THE KIBOSH ON THE CREDIBILTY OF THE GURU OF INCOMPETENCE " well congratulations moron , your it !!!!

    • It's worth noting that when Botox Cosmetic was first approved, there was no Black Box warning because the safety data from the clinical trials were too small. However, after widely used, by 2007, hundreds of cases of serious side effects including a few dozen deaths were reported. The major problem with Botox is that the toxin can travel far from the injection site and cause damage in different parts of the body, including the heart and lungs.

      The Public Citizen group demanded the FDA to reexamine the safety data in 2008. After extensive review, the FDA issued its Black Box warning in April 2009. See the below links:

      The question that every woman and man seeking cosmetic treatment with Botox must ask themselves is whether that kind of risk, no matter how small, worth it?

      LaViv, by contrast, is a natural treatment that uses patient's own fibroblast cells to rebuild the skin structure and smooth it out instead of simply paralyzing the muscles holding it as Botox does. Thousands of people were treated with laViv before the FDA decided that as cellular therapy, it must be tested through clinical trials to determine both efficacy and safety. The FDA approval in June this year was the final proof that the treatment works and that it is safe.

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      • Folks who continue to compare the efficacy and safety of Botox and laViv are just deceiving investors. The information about both are out there for anyone who seeks.

        Botox is a good treatment for a number of real medical conditions. But using it for wrinkles has unnecessary but real risks as Sharla Helton found out. A jury ordered Allergan to pay her 15M for being poisoned by a Botox treatment for wrinkles.

        The FDA and the Justice Department also brought a lawsuit against Allergan for their unethical marketing of Botox. Their concerns were the safety issues with Botox and how Allergan aggressively and illegally market it for off-label usage. The case was doubly egregious when Allergan admitted to help cause false claims to be submitted to Medicare. Allergan agreed to pay 600M$ to settle the charges.

        In this case, the government’s civil complaint said that Allergan had “illegally, vigorously and, without any thought to the possible negative health effects to which it subjected patients, promoted” Botox for uses that had not been deemed safe and effective by the F.D.A
        Federal prosecutors also accused the company of teaching doctors how to get reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid for off-label uses by putting in the codes for an approved treatment.
        In the settlement, Allergan agreed to plead guilty to one criminal misdemeanor charge and to pay $375 million to the government for misbranding Botox, through promotions for unapproved uses.

        Additionally, Allergan agreed to pay $225 million to resolve civil charges that it had caused false claims to be submitted to Medicare, Medicaid and other government health programs, although the company denied those allegations.

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