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  • dmesshian dmesshian Oct 7, 2011 1:08 PM Flag


    Your abysmally low intellect, makes you "DOLTS" incapable of "critical thinking".
    So, I will be kind and simplify my response to the "unsophisticated pumper" and "his puppeteer", the over-rated, "guru of inconsequence".

    Botox has "saved and improved *millions* more lives" than the "alleged destruction" it has "wrought".
    I don't need to list the indications, BOTOX, Allergan's(AGN) "highly efficacious and miracle-neuromodulator" has been FDA approved to treat.
    Botox has been proven so efficacious, that it's "ignorant detractors, and most ardent critics", are left -- YES, as I have stated -- weeping into their Black Box Warnings.

    ****Anyone with access to the WEB can GOOGLE: "Allergan's -Botox, or FDA approval list for Botox", etc***and you will see the list of approval for this "highly efficacious miracle worker".
    Plus, the product is so safe for 99.9% of users that there are hundreds, HUNDREDS of off-label uses by doctors in numerous of specialties.
    Heck, it is being used to treat afflictions like; tennis elbow,(helping top pro and avid players resume successful careers); even dentists are using Botox to "successfully treat" certain chronic mandibular problems -- teeth grinding in sleep and many other problems.

    And on the heels of the "black box warning and $600 MIL settlement with the U.S Gov.", the FDA was placing finishing touches on the "APPROVAL of BOTOX for MIGRAINE" just a mere 3 months later in Oct. 2010.
    Investors celebrated and boosted AGN stock -- 10 to 15% -- on news of the $600 MIL settlement with the U.S. Justice Dept..
    GO figure, eh!

    Quit eating your own liver; "Mssr. Guru of Inconsequence", 'cause Botox will exceed "$2 BILLION" in sales next year. Put that in 'YAWLS' "bovine excrement pipes" and smoke it. You'll feel your stresses just... dissipate... it will clear your mind and set yawls' brain right.

    The TRUTH about Botox is just at "your own personal and private GOOGLE search away". You to will see these "nut-jobs charlatans" for what they are.
    I don't know about you, my esteemed fellow investors, but I would feel insulted by these "numbskulls" who try to feed you "pablum", as if you are "TOO STUPID" to find out on your own.
    This should put the "kibosh" on the credibility of the "GURU of Incompetence".

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    • WOW !!! spliff / dmass / lubeboy , You are without a doubt the most callous and arrogant low-life on the face of the earth!!!. Your ' CRITICAL THINKING " reply " IN KIND ' to the 16 dead and countless injured users of BOTOX that you mocked with "BOO HOOO " will be comforted by your compassionate response..... I`m sure they are as ecstatic and gleeful as you are that ALLERGANS stock rose 10-15% upon the settlement for their deaths and injuries. Lets not forget the most compassionate part of your venom laced tirade , that botox can now be used to treat tennis elbow , so that avid players can resume their careers. To spin that botox is 99.9% safe , as you once again mock these victims is unconscionable , even for someone as low as you !!! .....NOW ,saving the best for last you say " THIS SHOULD PUT THE KIBOSH ON THE CREDIBILTY OF THE GURU OF INCOMPETENCE " well congratulations moron , your it !!!!