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  • dmesshian dmesshian Nov 30, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

    From Allure magazine

    The real significant article with much "gravitas" was published in the respectable Journal "Science". It contains information that all "intelligent investors" in FCSC-stock should read. It's excellent for it's eloquence, clarity and covers the real competitors in this space and most of all: free of pumping and marketing glitz.

    Skip the "pot-boiler",(payola marketing), type journals aimed at "housewives and working women" who can't afford the "extortionately expensive" $$4500 - $$7500 Laviv treatment.

    These women along with soccer Moms will balk at the "Extortionately $HIGH-PRICE$" coupled with: 11 to 22 weeks, WEEKS, and bolt for Allergan's Aesthetic Market leading Botox and Juvederm that will be delivered "on the spot" and make customers marvel at how beautiful and ultra-fabulous they look.

    And with their "$avings$$$" they can go Christmas shopping with their friends for "Louis Vuitton Bag, plus pay for a vacation on the Mexican Riviera or Maui, Hawaii" with all the money$$ they save by side-stepping the "extortionately expensive laviv".

    Just a rational voice here, mis amigos todos... happy investing and may the Markets winds be at your sails.

    • Did you read the article?

      1. That was a "news" piece written by Charles Schmidt, a freelance writer, for Nature Biotechnology, not a scientific article written for Science.

      2. Even so, Mr. Schmidt was balanced in comparing laViv to other wrinkle treatments. If you actually read the article, you might see this statement from Dr. Munavalli:

      "There's a certain comfort that people take from using their own constituent cells instead of some artificial approach, and the effect also seems to longer lasting."


      "Indeed patchy regulatory oversight of the field means that cosmetic cell therapy faces an uphill battle for legitimacy. In this respect, Jeffrey Kenkel, president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, says that Fibrocell's FDA approval marks a step forward for the industry."

      The article also mentioned that, in the entire history of FDA, only three cellular therapies were approved, Carticel for knee injuries, Provenge for prostate cancer and now laViv for wrinkle treatment. This stamp of approval set laViv apart from all other questionable therapies such as fat cells or stem cells transplants.

      laViv is the only known therapy of wrinkles that actually keeps on improving with time unlike any other dermal filler that starts fading as soon as the treatment finishes. Here's a patient's testimony that her laViv treatment lasted 7 years:

      The safe, long-lasting and natural looking effect of laViv makes it downright cheap comparing to Botox or Juvederm that last only a few months and look artificial -- not to mention serious side effects. Smart patients will be wise to that.