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  • dmesshian dmesshian Feb 23, 2012 11:21 AM Flag

    For All of You BOTOX Pumpers - Good Read!

    You state: "You are an uninformed idiot. In 2007, there were less than 30,000 cosmetic procedures done in the UK. Your statistics of 7000 procedures over 7 years says that Isolagen did about 1000 procedures per year or a little more than 3% of the 2007 market."


    The "serious flaw" in your argument is that, during Laviv's marketing in Europe, they NEVER MADE ANY MONEY!
    How can a small capitalized concern -- as YOU state -- garner 3% of the market in Europe and not turn a profit??!!
    PLUS, they had to run home to the U.S. after the class action lawsuit bug hit; that was settled by their insurer.

    Your follow up statement: ***..." laViv can get to 3% of this market, that will be more than 400,000 procedures a year or more than 1B dollars in revenue. Give it a few years. "***

    Yeah, Allergan, Medicis, JNJ, and a gaggle of smaller players will roll-over and allow FCSC-laviv to take away "1 billion$$$$" in market share in an "Aesthetic market" that fights viciously -- and leaves "blood in the water" over "1 basis point"????
    What are YOU drinking or eating to make such a... "haphazard statements" -- for a product -- Laviv -- that has never turned a profit -- not even a penny -- in it's 30 years of existence!!!!

    What are ya smokin' pal? You obviously have very limited knowledge of the "competitive environment".
    And it shows... MSSR. PUMPER, eh...