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  • dmesshian dmesshian Feb 24, 2012 1:02 AM Flag

    For All of You BOTOX Pumpers - Good Read!

    Hey CIN, your eyes are open, but you refuse to see.
    Your selective attention aimed at screening out disagreeable information will cost you, pal.
    Group-think investing to the exclusion of reason and substance spells disaster for any investor.

    Laviv is extortionately expensive in an aesthetic sector that is extremely competitive with cost conscious consumers.

    You should certainly take pause when FCSC mgmt announces that they will release 4th quarter earnings... on April 3?
    Am I missing something here? 4th quarter earnings for 2011 will be released after the close of 1st quarter 2012?
    Tell us why Mr. insider? I am sure it's not illegal, however; it is a bit unusual, and should give FCSC investors pause, eh.
    Folks want to see some sales, earnings, and manufacturing cost numbers, eh.

    And quit being so overly defensive and paranoid, pal. You are making folks nervous.