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  • rationalthought11 rationalthought11 Mar 1, 2012 2:59 PM Flag

    Injectables mkt

    3.8mm procedures
    2.5 botox-- Laviv not direct competitor-- differnt real estate
    1.4 hyaluronic acid

    injectables mkt 1.9B

    Can Laviv ultimately capture 10% of the hyaluronic acid market? That's 140k procedures or about 280mm net to FCSC. Not a billion but prolly enough to move the needle.

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    • You folks are gonna learned the hard way that Laviv is -- as I have always claim -- "extortionately expensive at $4500-$6000 per treatment; added to reservations about the length of time 5 to 6 months wait, plus the protracted wait to see results.

      A former girlfriend of several years ago worked in sales, dealing with Zyderm/Zyplast and she told me that folks were always looking for ways to get product and treatments at reduce prices and that was the nature of the beast in the aesthetic industry. Doctors customers and their patients love to get lower prices.

      Heck, ever so often you see on the news, some doctor is arrested for trying to mix his own "copy-cat botox" from commercial grade "botulinum toxin" -- offering folks reduced price on his concoction. He usually gets busted when his "customers/patients" ends up in emergency ICU, fighting to stay alive.

      Heck, last week in San Francisco one guy was performing liposuction in the MIssion District. He doesn't have medical degree and operated in unsanitary establishment. Many folks got suckered.

      FCSC-laviv could capture 10% of the facial filler market at such an expensive procedure would be a work of "sheer genius" against "the same competitors" it couldn't even get out of the batters box when it was on the market in Europe for 7 years?

      Now YOU want to convince me these "ginormous same competitor" will allow FCSC to do something it couldn't do in a most liberal and "open and unrestricted European market".
      That's some good "higher grade" you are smokin' over there, pal. eh...