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  • dave.scata dave.scata Apr 2, 2012 5:01 PM Flag

    Called FCSC twice today.

    No one there has worries about there jobs.I have talked to 2 different people that said there is absolutely no worries about BK or rumors of any kind.They also said that the phones are ringing off the hook which is to be expected.I have reservation about BK with this company. To many
    things are in there favor for the future.It does not make sense why they would invest a large amount of resources without a back up finance plan.They have FDA approval on a unique
    and safe proceedure know matter how expensive it is. It is the only one that I know of that is natural from your own body.The revelation
    is they need big company support or finance with a guarantee of marketing from a professional agressive organization.The FDA approval in relation to it's net worth for this product has to be a highly desired product for larger and more profitable companies. This in itself should hold down the fear of BK. I believe any court would make them sell or partner with another entity to satisfy all debt owed.I am not an expert or anythng close to it.I do do have some common sense though and it makes no sense how they can go belly up if they have recieved approval
    from the FDA for a one of a kind product such as Laviv. Forgive me if i am missing something but i am buried here and would love to justify
    staying in and waiting this out. If you have any real information please share. Kind Regards

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