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  • dmesshian dmesshian Sep 21, 2012 6:52 PM Flag


    Hey Reid, you are such a hapless "perma-bull" in a hopeless situation. Your attached opiniont is absolutely hilarious! What a knee slapper!!
    So, if FCSC were the Titanic, you would be the "Dickens-like character" running around reassuring everyone; not to worry because the designers of the ship assured you that the ship was unsinkable... urging everyone to double down on a "falling knife", eh...
    Really? Duuude...

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    • Listen my friend. If anyone takes investment advice from me, you and or anyone on any Yahoo message board then they are the fool.

      I like this company. Im bullish because of the research i have done and the people I know who are close with the company. I could lose my investment possibly, however, in this case, I am not even looking at the stock price as any indicator of the future profits and or success of FCSC. The stock price could change one day over night. I actually like the fact that its 15 cents. They want the little guys out of the stock. A little reverse split, new exchange, possibly news from the FDA, UCLA/MIT, NEW MONEY coming in from hedge funds, Acne scarring, PROFITS AND BEING SOLD OUT THROUGH THE END OF THE YEAR!!!, etc etc. This company is a start up and they will be successful.

      I am not a pumper or a basher. Its just my little investment/gamble that I believe was well thought out and I will go down with the ship if it comes to that. 70k down the toilet. Im young and will keep working.