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  • dave.scata dave.scata Mar 5, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

    Daly is gone. Kirk making moves already?

    Say what you will? Things are happening in an orderly quick way, since Kirk came on board. Daly is the move i believe that is a good one. He never had any answers on anything anyway. I think it's good with the appointment of a new board with new and intelligent professional blood. It is diverse with many different facets of business. Allot of experience coming on deck. For whatever it is worth? I see things popping here soon. They are gearing up for something and Pernock seems to be falling into line with the game plan. I believe we are on the way to a better place in the next 6-12 months. Longs sit back and prove that patience
    is wisdom, Although i wish it would happen fast lol Kind Regards.

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    • I will believe that when there is new management not just changes in their titles/positions. If you go back and review the representations that current management has made you will see that they either materially misrepresented things and/or are incompetent. Until Kirk replaces them with credible people with the needed skill sets (ie clinical development, regulatory experience) I will not believe that anything has changed. Marketing experts are not exactly what this company requires at this point in time.

    • Daly is not gone! He is still the CFO of the company.Try reading the 8-K again.

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      • Goldhammer are you still here? I would have thought that you would have taken your lumps and sold your FCSC stock at a loss before you end up getting nothing for it in a bk. You lost on this stock once when it was called Isolagen and now you are back at it again losing more of your money on the same stock. What a joke! Aren't you embarrassed to be a two-time loser with this same stock?

      • Goldy. nice to hear from you. I understand he is still there. He is not part of the board though. They must of made him resign. I view that as a positive move. Yes he is still with the company but it seems his authority is more limited. What other reason would there be for him to resign? Why would he step down unless he was forced? Also they replaced him with a more qualified person it seems. Kind Regards.