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  • crystal.lal Apr 10, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

    New Patient Results Pictures are Beginning to Show up

    Silverberg Medical and Group in Newport Beach CA is posting new Laviv pics of a patient 6 months post treatment with Laviv. Have to say they are impressive. Far better results than what I have seen with Sculptra. I have also noticed that Laviv is getting a lot of traction on the acne scarring boards. Several patients are posting their own photos. From what I read on those boards, people are willing to travel from Canada for the treatment. Men and women with deep acne scars don't have many options for treatment and they are creating a growing buzz for Laviv.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Unfortunately right now it doesn't matter how much buzz or demand there is... Fibrocell isn't able to handle higher demand until they expand their operation. At the current level, they can only about break even.

      Not sure why the CEO decided they could go it alone with no money, then start diluting once everyone has lost their #$%$ and the stock value is down to nothing. I'm very disappointed in the CEO and his decisions after approval.

      They now need to ramp up to become profitable, and unless they get grants or a partner, they are going to have to dilute it massively more to raise the money. If they get about $50 million to expand, think about how many shares that is they will have to dilute at 13 cents or less. It's depressing.

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      • Your right the CEO and the former bankers who put him there have pinned the stock.They had opportunities to do deals at prices of . 50 plus and got greedy. So now the .10 stock has come off restriction and some are selling. They have plenty of cash until 2014 will have an expanded lab which is what RJ wants for his stem cell research. Stock will get a bump with the new Cream,Burn/Scare phases and when RJ son who he appointed on the board boots Pernock and they put into place a CEO who can monetize the product instead of giving it away the way they did for a year and blew through 30 mln bucks.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • With a burn rate of 2 million a month they are set for 2 years. This is why with Kirks infrastructure and with his other business dealings,this stock should be moving. We know it is going to take time but i believe it should be moving up by now. Kind Regards.

      • Where have you been? They have no debt and have partnered with a major company and have a lot of cash. You need to do some research